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Rough it up in the wilderness on a pair of fiery wheels

A proper expression of freedom, mountain biking is a thrilling way to explore deep trails or get an exhilarating adrenaline rush. Whether you want to get into Enduros or DH riding or even XC riding, there are levels of this sport available to everyone from beginners to hard-core enthusiasts who practice things like flipping their bikes over fences. The important thing though, is to start slow. If you think you’ll be racing downhill or cross country on mountain bikes just because you’re able to ride a bicycle, you’ll soon be riding in an ambulance. Understanding your limitations in adventure sports is extremely important. With mountain biking, it also means understanding your body, understanding the terrain and knowing where not to go. Ideally you shouldn’t just pick up a mountain bike and head off to the nearest set of hills to figure it out on your own. Find someone who can teach you the ropes. Being prepared is always better than going in blind. There’s another reason for this. Unlike in many other countries, adventure sports in India continue to remain in isolated pockets with regulation that’s loose or almost non-existent. Safety is up to individuals and not something that’s taken very seriously either. Therefore, learning the right way to do things, especially if doing them wrong can lead to serious injuries, is extremely important.

Find the right mountain biking trainer for you
A trainer here refers to a mountain biking coach and the resistance training bicycle on a stand that helps you develop the required levels of fitness to be able to perform well outdoors. Yes, you can practice building stamina and strength indoors with a resistance trainer. But, most important is the coach you choose. A good coach will be able to guide you on the right way to build up that required stamina and strength. You’ll need constant motivation in order to get fit and eat right. Your instructor will also be familiar with all the great trails that you could hit to practice. Indoor training may be convenient, but there’s nothing like actually hitting the real trails. They could let you know what challenges you could face on the trails and how to prepare for them. Understanding what you see in the wild is also something that requires training and experience. You don’t want to end up trying to cross a stream where the current is too strong, or head off-trail and ride over unstable ground especially while riding downhill. You may have a steep learning curve, but don’t hit the steep trails just yet. Listen to what your teacher says and gradually advance from the simple trails to the more extreme ones. If that’s what you want to do. Just practising for XC, which is the most popular form of mountain biking is pretty good too.

Here’s where you find the right coach
Yes, right here on Sportobuddy.com or on its app. A quick search for this topic will show you a neat list of venues, trainers and events related to it. You can filter through them based on ratings and reviews left by people who have tried their hand at them. You could also browse through any photos that may have been uploaded. There’s also location filter that you can use to search for trainer located near you. That way you could also get access to a local group of mountain biking enthusiasts who live nearby. Something like this always helps and allows you to indulge in your interests more easily than it would be if you were riding solo. You can also use the site or the app to check if there are any events or gatherings posted for your chosen activity and probably head out to join them. There’s usually also an option that allows you to confirm your participation or even pay online in a secure manner if required.

Don’t see any events? Make your own!
Think about it how awesome it would be. To create an event that people flock to, to watch and participate in. Athletes of all levels queuing up to take their turn at the Enduro, XC or DH trails you’ve recced and set up to challenge and thrill them. Well you and your team, if we’re to be a little realistic about this. And it’s all very possible. Once you’ve done all the home/ ground work and completed the venue ground bookings, you can set up an event on Sportobuddy. Here, you’ll be able to manage and co-ordinate entries as people can do the entire online sports booking and even pay the fees securely from the payment gateway on the site or the app. You’ll know exactly how many participants you’re getting and you’ll have one place to spread out all the information you need to share about it. If it takes off, you could be looking at something real off-the-edge action.