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Keep your passion on target with the best rifle shooting options

Picture it in your head and tell us that you don’t think it’s cool. If you’ve thought of guns as awesome, you’ve obviously thought about a scenario that involves you displaying expert marksmanship and impressing all your friends that have gathered around you. But it’s only been a part of your daydreams. It doesn’t need to be anymore. Of course, if your intention is just to impress people, then this is probably not for you. If your intention is to develop a skill that requires intense focus, mental control and an intuitive understanding of physics, then yes, it just might be the right sport for you. Now don’t worry about the physics part, as there definitely won’t be theory lectures on ballistics, gravity, spin angles and trajectory. But you’ll learn about them anyway as you practice in rifle shooting classes. Not in as many terms and definitely without formulae, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how it all affects your shot. But you’ll need to find a place where you can learn it all. A place that ensures the safety of the public and the safety of everyone in the shooting range. The good part is that these places exist in Mumbai. And you can easily pick up a simple air pistol or an air rifle at most sporting goods stores. But before you do, a good idea would be to enrol in one of the rifle associations in the city and learn everything from a good coach.

Learn rifle shooting in Mumbai
While they’re not very common, there are several rifle shooting ranges in the city and you can enrol to learn in most of them. In case you intend to take this sport up in a competitive manner at a later date, it would be wise to choose a club that allows its members to shoot at the Maharashtra Rifle Association at Worli as most competitions are held there. If you’re familiar with that shooting range, then you’ll find that competitions are a lot easier to handle. In the beginning it’s best if you ask your rifle shooting trainer whether they have weapons that you can rent from the club. Since you’ll be ‘dry shooting’ for quite a while before you learn how to hold the rifle or pistol and learn how to handle its recoil, its best if you don’t use a new gun, but rather one that’s old and belongs to the club and one that’s meant for beginners. It will be quite some time till you’re allowed to fire a loaded weapon anyway. In fact, one of the very first sessions you will attend will be a safety briefing. And you’ll hear these quite often. Because in a sport like this, safety must always be taken very seriously.

Find a shooting academy near you with Sportobuddy
All the information you’ll need to find the best rifle shooting coaching is listed right here on the site and its app. Check ratings, reviews and find the best coaches in minutes. Even if you’re looking for a personal trainer in Mumbai is a good place to find one. On the site you’ll be able to check and sort through all the locations that have shooting ranges in the city. You could even filter them as per your location in order to find one that’s at a convenient location for you. That way you’re sure to be regular with your practice. You can check what facilities these locations offer and whether they’ve mentioned if they have indoor or outdoor shooting facilities. Some like MRA have both. Some even have air-conditioned ranges. While checking out a good coach, you should also check the affiliations of your potential coach. It helps if your sports coach academy affiliations are strong. He or she will always receive the right sort of information regarding competitions and be aware about the best coaching procedures available. Sportobuddy.com also helps you connect with other adventure sport, outdoor sport and indoor sports.

Be mentally alert during rifle shooting training
While core fitness, arm strength, posture and back muscle strength is important, shooting is more about your state of mind. You need to be calm, control your breathing, line up your sights, understand the direction and speed of the wind and compensate accordingly and finally when you’re absolutely sure that you’ve calculated every single minute detail, can you finally take your shot. Very different from adventure sports, isn’t it? You require mental fortitude for those too, but here, you’re in a controlled environment and it’s all down to your skill, patience, training and your equipment. And with the right coach, you could be a total ace.