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Climb out of routine and up a scenic mountain with the help of the best trekking coaches and trainers

The simplest things sometimes give the greatest joys. That’s what trekking in India is like. You don’t really need exorbitant gears or heavily specialised equipment, a sturdy pair of trekking shoes, drinking water, maybe an energy bar, a cap or hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothes and you’re good to go. Pick a mountain you like and start walking. Add to that, if you’re living in a city like Mumbai, the fantastic Sahyadri Mountain range, also called the Western Ghats is a short drive away. The region is peppered with some stunning trekking trails for all difficulty levels. If you’ve never tried it out, you’re missing out. But you’re also in luck. Those who’ve gone ahead won’t experience the joy of discovering something like this for the first time again. You can. Imagine walking on mountain paths, through lush forests; the mountain breeze, cool and refreshing like lemonade on a hot day, carrying the scents of fresh grass, flowers and earth. A plunging valley on your left, while the mountain rises high on your right with clouds clinging to its peak. This great outdoor adventure is as astonishing as it is awe-inspiring. But you need to be careful too. You need to be prepared for a good time as well as for emergencies. The best part is, you don’t have to wonder how. We’ll show you how to get in touch with people who can help you head out on trek adventures, safely, responsibly while making it an experience you’ll want over and over again.

Collect memories as you climb

While we’ll try, and ensure there are no obstacles between you and you fulfilling your desire to go trekking, geography may have other plans. But if it puts a stream in your path, you’ll probably learn how to cross that safely too. If you’re wondering about how you’ll learn this, we’ll tell you. Start by searching Sportobuddy.com or its app for trekking trainers. Go through the search results. Check photos; read reviews and ratings and shortlist a few that you like. Next get in touch with them via the details provided. Check the locations that they go for treks. If you like everything you see, you can use the app and book a place for yourself on their next trek. All this can happen using easy online booking options which you can even do from the comforts of home. Use the secure payment facility to transfer the payment for the trek and confirm your spot. It’s simple, easy and safe. Book

With Sportobuddy, you can chase new rainbows

There’s one thing common between all the treks that are undertaken – the magnificent view. But you should remember never to get so excited that you happen to forget the instructions given by your trekking coach. Especially when you’re out mountain trekking. No matter how steep or gentle the incline, no matter whether it’s raining, sunny or misty, you never take the mountain for granted. All it takes is one slip and you could take your entire group down with you. Every trekking group must have a leader. Unless your coach has appointed someone, your coach is your leader. Follow the route they tell you and the schedule they’ve set. If you’ve been given a responsibility do not neglect it. Everyone is responsible for everyone’s safety. Act accordingly. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. Quite the opposite. The whole point of the trek is to enjoy yourself. To do what you normally can’t. The rules just keep you safe so that you can have a great time. You can climb mountains, cross rivers and follow rainbows. To the walker, goes the view.

Find adventure in every corner

You’ll know soon enough whether or not you enjoy trekking. A lot of it is down to your instructor. If he or she loves what they do, chances are that you’re going to have a fantastic time and love it too. If you do enjoy it, you’re going to want more. You’ll slowly start spending more and more time looking for exciting new trails. You may even want to take things up a notch. You could consult a trekking adventures trainer to figure out how to make treks more exciting and learn about all the less trodden trails that they may know about. There are certain workshops & camps that furnish information as well. You could even search for sports events online and check if there are any interesting treks posted over there. You could check the Sportobuddy blog section to get tips and ideas. The point is, it is something you’ll want to do over and over. You’ll dream about conquering famous trails all over the world.  The world’s top 10 treks will be on your bucket list. And you’ll have a blast as you conquer them all one by one.