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Shake to the tunes of a Zumba Dance Trainer and get into shape effectively

It’s true. Depending on how much effort you put in to each session, you could burn off between 500 -1000 calories when you participate in this high intensity fitness workout. You’ve definitely heard the term being thrown around. Usually by a young person who’s all excited about their ‘dancersize’ programme and how much fun it is. Despite the eye-rolls it may receive, Zumba is a surprisingly effective exercise programme. It was accidentally developed by a trainer who forgot to bring his music to his aerobics class. Apparently, he grabbed a tape, (this predates MP3s and USB drives) from his bag which contained traditional Latin, Salsa and merengue music. He improvised and by the end of that session, the concept of Zumba was born. Like basketball, this is another example of how a coach improvises and creates something that presents a whole new way of looking at things. From the mid-90s to today, this dance form has become a worldwide sensation. It’s practiced in over 180 countries by about 14 million people every week. Obviously, you can find a lot of Zumba classes online, but there are plenty of Zumba training classes in Mumbai too. You’ll probably find a handful in every suburb. So how do you figure out which one you should go to and which one will give you the best return on your investment? There is a simple solution.

Find the best Zumba trainers in Mumbai
You may have passed a few gyms in your area that seem to offer every single fitness thing available. They’re like fitness malls. They’ll have a regular old gym with steam and sauna, then there’ll be a spinning class, aerobics, kickboxing, cross-training and the corner that was once free is now a juice bar. But having to find out details by asking people may become tedious and sometimes even prolonged. Don’t go through that. Search for what you need on Sportobuddy.com or download the app and search for it there. You’ll soon find a detailed list of places that offer it along with photos, rating and reviews for the place put up by customers. You can sort through those based on location too. Once you have a shortlist of places, you could go and check those out. Or if you’re sufficiently convinced, you could book a trial session with them as most good gyms offer that option. When you’re sure where you want to go, you could book your classes from the site or the app. Using easy and instant online booking options, there is little room for procrastination. Once the payment is made, you have committed to fitness and that will drive you to class soon. Once you start the workout, the flushed post-work out feeling, the release of endorphins will motivate you to keep coming back.

Take a class according to your level
Before you sign on, you’ll speak to a certified Zumba instructor. You should check with them about the type of the dance you’ll be doing in class as there are nine different types to choose from depending on age and levels of exertion. There’s Zumba Step which combines it with aerobics to give you a strong lower body workout session. Then there’s Toning that’s practiced with toning sticks that works most of the muscle groups in the body. There’s the swimming pool based Aqua Zumba that combines dance and pool exercises. Zumba In the Circuit means there’s dance with circuit training, Zumba Kids and Kids Jr. classes are for kids between 4 - 12. There’s Gold-Toning for older participants who want to improve coordination, mobility, muscle strength and posture. And finally there’s Zumba Zentai which is a chair workout that uses body weight to make participants toned and stronger. You should speak to your Zumba teacher and figure out what sort of programme you’ll be joining and whether or not it works for you.

The energy is infectious and the workout is fun
There’s no doubting the popularity of this dance form as a way of exercise. More and more people seem to be signing up for it every single day. And why not? A workout that’s not a traditional form of exercise is still valuable if it is proven to be effective. That has been achieved by the powerful tunes of this dance. Classes are growing ever larger. And maybe in a scenario like that, it could be better to consider a personal trainer in Mumbai for classes. The costs may be a little higher but if you can get a small group together and your trainer can get the music, you are well on your way to experience the best workout. The group will help you split the costs and everyone will get more attention form the instructor in this workshop. It might just work out to be a sound decision. Soon you’ll see yourself getting better. Your stamina levels will increase, your core strength will go up, you’ll burn a tonne of calories and you’ll have a fantastic time doing it all.