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You might think how difficult can it be to play an indoor sport? You may be good at it but it is no harm to have a coach, a professional to correct you when you go wrong and hone your skills. Here at Sportobuddy you can search through an extensive list of one of the best coaches around you for your indoor sport and select the one as per your likes and preferences. Discover your passion with Sportobuddy.

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Want to check out some weather-proof gaming? Visit an indoor sports centre

Outdoor games are always fun. But they’re usually powerless against the chaos of weather and its effects. You’ve definitely seen ground staff scramble when it rains during a cricket match. Or a game of tennis that you’ve been waiting to watch gets delayed thanks to a downpour. Football may not have to worry about rain, but chasing a ball for 90 minutes (and overtime) while being attacked by several other players who could ‘accidentally’ send you back on a stretcher doesn’t sound like fun. Plus there are those who despise being in an uncontrolled environment. They prefer spending their time in a place that people can’t see from the street. A place that is not subject to the whims and fancies of weather and its unpredictable moods. A place protected from the pouring rain or the unrelenting heat. A place, that’s inside. With fans. Or air-conditioning. Of course, we’ll go there to play very intense sports and sweat absolute buckets, but we’ll be comfortable while we do it. That’s why indoor sports are so popular. Even though you can’t see them, there are plenty of badminton classes in Mumbai or table tennis coaching classes or even those for chess, gymnastics and martial arts. The whole point is that in a city like Mumbai or even in the rest of India, indoor sports can be played with relative ease. If you’re wondering how, don’t. We’ll tell you how to find places and even book them with the least amount of effort.

Sportobuddy, your local sport discovery genius is here

It’s simple. If you’re looking for an indoor sports coaching centre or rather a training centre, don’t start hunting for change that you may have to give rickshawallahs or cabbies. All you should do is fire up the Sportobuddy app or visit our website and search for coaching in Mumbai. This is the place where everything you need to know to book a sport coach online can be found. You can check photos of the venue, read reviews of the individual and the place, check its prices and if you want you can even book it online. If you’re not sure, you can make a temporary booking but if you are and don’t want to risk losing the time slot you’ve chosen, you can even pay online and confirm your booking. It doesn’t matter who needs coaching. Whether it’s swimming classes for adults or table tennis for kids, you’ll find the trainers you need here. This isn’t just for traditional sports either. Looking for the latest fitness regimes? Find a list of the country’s best zumba trainers right here. There’s a whole list of activities and coaching for them to be found here. And if someday, you want to pit your local badminton, table tennis or chess team against another, you can even set up an event and invite other players to join in. There’s no better way to improve your game than by pitting it against something that is unknown and maybe even unpredictable. You may just find out what level you’re playing at.

Sports coaching in Mumbai has never been this easy to find

Sport isn’t an indulgence; it is a necessity. It contributes positively to physical and mental development. It allows one’s social skills to develop. It allows you to find out what you’re made of. In the heat of the game, there is no room for pretence. They say that if you wish to find out the true character of a person, play a sport with them. It’s a platform where you can have heated rivalries, cry foul and yet maintain a cordial relationship with your competitors. Occasionally there’s an actual head-butt or shoulder bite, but that never dampens a true sportsman spirit. This is why indoor games are nicer. Most of them are non-contact sports that don’t require large teams and can be played one-on-one. Coaching for these games becomes easier too. Sure, when you go attend badminton coaching in Mumbai or anywhere for that matter, your coach will have you running on the court in patterns without actually playing. Don’t worry; they’re just covering the basics. Do it even if it looks and feels weird. It’ll all make sense when you play. Your table tennis trainer may frustrate you by having you chase the stray balls you couldn’t return and your yoga instructor may bewilder you with asanas that don’t seem humanly possible. The harder you push your limits the more incredible is the result you achieve.

The best way to learn is to teach

Ever thought of becoming a zumba fitness instructor? What about a yoga trainer, or a swimming coach? Or for that matter have you ever considered yourself so passionate about a sport that you’d live teaching it? Well, the first thing you need to do is obtain a certain certification from a sports academy or institute that offers recognised diplomas or certificates for your sport. That will lend you a lot of credibility. If you want to become a swim trainer, learning first aid will also be a big bonus. Any awards won in these sports will also help you tremendously. Once you have that, you can register with a service like Sportobuddy and provide details for anyone who may be looking for booking help. That way when people search for the best badminton training in Mumbai or the best swimming trainer in Mumbai, your name comes right at the top. Of course, you can always get better at the activity and even learn how to teach it better or become a better player yourself. Certain fitness activities like yoga will easily have yoga teacher training, where the teacher for a while becomes the student and practices under the guidance of someone more senior than them. The best yoga training will leave the teachers and students fulfilled and with the knowledge that they’ve taken what they know to a whole new level. When you learn, you get better, but when you teach you learn what you need to know better and deepen your knowledge at the same time.