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Since you have landed on this page, it’ll be safe to assume that you like to play badminton. It’s our favourite post dinner sport. If you want to hone your skill and up your badminton game, you’re at the right place. Because at Sportobuddy you can run through a huge list of badminton coaches near you. Pick one as per your preference and book your training sessions and take your game to another level with our professional coaches.
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Shuttle towards success with the best badminton coaches in town

If you’re looking to learn a fast-paced high-intensity sport that helps you build stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, agility, focus, cardio-vascular ability, fantastic hand-eye co-ordination and great muscle tone, learn badminton. It’s like an HIIT workout, but doesn’t necessarily feel like it. It’s incredibly fun and as an indoor non-contact sport, you can play it through the year and you only need one other person to play it with. No need to put together a team and co-ordinate amongst everyone.  But first you need to find a good badminton trainer. Someone who can guide you through the basics like the different parts of the court and their significance and shadow practice which helps you learn how to cover the badminton court efficiently. There are many variations of these and all of them are very exhausting. This also helps you build endurance and speed that this game really needs. You may be even asked to play against the wall as that helps you adapt to quick changes in direction at first and with more practice teaches you how to control your stroke so the shuttle reacts predictably. Then you need to learn the basic forehand and backhand strokes involved like the serve, toss, drop and smash. Later you’ll combine these strokes with the court covering techniques you learn in shadow practice. And so on.

Learn at the best badminton academy in Mumbai and shuttle like a pro

There are plenty of badminton clubs in Mumbai. But to find the one that suits you best, you need to search on Sportobuddy.com or download the app and search there. You'll find a neat list filled with helpful details that'll make taking a decision much easier. You'll find photos, reviews, and all the necessary information about badminton training in Mumbai. You can even filter through the list based on your location. It's a thoughtful gesture that helps you find badminton classes in Mumbai at a convenient location. Once you find a few places that you believe may work for you, you should go and check them out yourself. It also helps to meet the instructors and check out how they go about conducting badminton coaching. You can see how many students there are and how the class is managed. You'll get a fair idea about how the coach behaves too. You can then decide if that's who you want to train with. You can also check the facilities the venue offers and see if you're comfortable. Once you’ve made your rounds, you’ll know which one or which few places you want to try out. You can use the services on the app and website to make a temporary booking too. You could even confirm that booking by using the built-in payment gateway and completing payment online. Signing up for sports training and workshops have never been this easy and quick.

Look around, there’ll always be someone to play with

A wise school principal once said to his students that they must pick up three things in order to never feel lonely even when they get old. The first was to cultivate a love for reading. The second was to learn how to play a musical instrument. And the third, was to learn a non-contact sport; one that didn’t require a team to play with but could be easily played with one or two people. Great tips from a great coach. Badminton is a great form of non-contact sport. It provides a lot of exercise and can be played indoors, outdoors, or wherever the wind isn’t blowing. Children sometimes end up turning a badminton court into a badminton ground because they play with amateur rules and whacking the shuttle all over the place. But it is true. Finding someone who will play badminton even when you’re old is easier than finding people for five-a-side football. It’s totally worth a shot.

Opportunities around every corner

Have you ever noticed a grown-up, going to or returning from work, stop and watch children playing? Sometimes they even end up asking to join the game for a short time before realising that they’re late and suddenly have to leave. Also, happens when they start losing. But the fact is that everyone wants to play. Work is a necessity we must do in order to survive. But play is where we can really have fun. It’s important. The balance is what keeps people from losing their minds. So, play. Complete that ground booking online. Sign up for that class no matter how old you are. You’ll have fun. You’ll get a slightly better version of yourself every day. And you won’t be caught staring wistfully at kids playing and hoping you could be that age again. If you want to play badminton in Mumbai, there are plenty of opportunities. You just have to take them. And once you do, you have to continue showing up.