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If you think that being a good boxer means that you’ve got to be strong, then yes, you’re right. But only partially right. This sport requires a lot more than just physical strength. It needs explosive power, endurance, agility, wit, mental dexterity and let’s not forget, a lot of heart. In order to make all this work together in a high pressure situation where you need to exercise a lot of self-control, keep your wits about you and ensure that you don’t get cornered or get the lights punched out of you, you need a good boxing coach. It is important that you rid yourself of all delusions regarding this indoor sport though. It’s important that you remember that this is a sport. The reasons you’re taking up this sport should be clear to you. Even if those reasons include you being inspired by a popular movie series about this sport. Remember, this is one of the most demanding sports there is. All its practitioners have to go through gruelling fitness regimes in order to be worthy of participating in it. The fitness levels required by this sport can be extreme and the conditioning that you will go through can be quite brutal. But once you come out of this fitness and conditioning regimen, you will emerge as one of the fittest and an accomplished athlete.

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There’s a lot more to this activity than throwing punches. It is not a sport where you completely let go of your senses and turn savage. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is a sport of great physical and mental control and focus. But all of that comes later. First you need to get figthing fit. The amount of energy required even in a college level 2-minute round of a boxing match is really high. And fighters need to last multiple rounds. We’re not even talking professional level bouts here. The fitness levels required for those is simply incredible. This means boxing trainers won’t just teach you how to fight, they’ll also be your fitness instructors. You’ll be put through a gruelling set of exercises day after day, week after week, month after month, until they think you’re ready. You’ll spend time running, skipping, doing push ups, pull ups, core work, leg work, strengthening your back, your neck and till your shoulders resemble boulders. You’ll spend time getting conditioned, becoming more agile while being pummeled by senior fighters as you slowly learn the nuacnes of this intense and demanding sport. Of course, you’ll be taught the basic punches and the combinations but throwing them perfectly in the heat of battle is something else entirely. That only comes with a lot of practice.

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If you’re thinking ‘Yes! I want to!’ but aren’t considering stepping into the ring, because you’re considering it from more of a fitness point of view, then you’re in luck. You don’t have to always enter this activity from a competitive point of view. You can simply participate in it as a way of getting fit and occassionally blowing off some steam with some light sparring or just practicing the punches against a bag. It helps build great timing and hand-eye co-ordination too. As a fitness activity, boxing or even kickboxing is great. Stepping into an indoor sports centre with a boxing ring is such a thrill. The atmosphere of the place is charged. Here, you will be pushed harder than you’ve ever been pushed. There’s a good chance you’ll bleed and cry too. This is an intense game. Whether you’re a woman or a man is not relevant, how tough you are is. All you need to listen to is the voice of your coach. As they push you into ever higher levels of fitness and sparring ability.
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So you’re sufficiently inspired to take up boxing. But you’re wondering where can you go to learn it. Here’s a solution that’s a guaranteed knock-out. It’s called Sportobuddy.com and it’s the one place where you can get answers to all your sports coach academy questions. Search here or on the app to find a the best coaches and as per the reviews and ratings people have left behind. Contact the sports coach online or meet them personally. If you want you can even do an online sports booking in order to confirm a session with them to see how they coach you. Yes, you can check the photos and reviews online and complete the ground booking from the site or the app directly. No effort required. Which is a good thing. Once you take up boxing, you’ll need every ounce of energy you have to complete every single session.