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Get introduced to the world of squash and sweat out your stress in style

If you’ve been looking to learn a fast-paced game that’s also intense both physically and mentally, squash is the game for you. The ‘T’ and the squash court doesn’t look very large, but don’t let that fool you. Playing squash properly can squeeze every bit of stamina that you have out of you. It’ll help build flexibility, stamina, agility that’s both physical and mental, and make you sweat buckets while you’re having a great time. If you think you’re clumsy and are afraid to swing a racket in confined quarters with another human being around, there’s no need to worry. When you learn to play with proper squash trainers, you’ll also learn how not to hit someone else with your racket and how to avoid being hit by one. And there’s no need for acrobatics, it’s just simple footwork and common sense that’ll keep you from getting whacked like a squash ball. You’ll learn the serves, swings, strategies, ways to attack and defend, and understand what it takes to deliver a shot that finishes the rally in your favour. You’ll feel that little nervous sensation in your stomach every time you’re about to start a match and then quickly forget all about it as soon as the match starts. You’ll learn to focus and not let the things that matter out of your sight while at the same time, keeping the other threats in your peripheral vision.

Join the best squash classes in Mumbai
If you just want to practice, you’re in luck. There are plenty of squash courts in Mumbai for you to play on provided you have the right equipment. In case, though, you just want to get a taste of the game with an introductory session to understand whether the game is for you or not, there is a solution. Search Sportobuddy.com or the app for a place that offers an introduction to squash coaching in Mumbai. There’s definitely more than on indoor sports centre that offers a course like this. A one-time session that introduces you to the game, provides all or most of the equipment, and lets you play a little to understand it better. After you go through one session like this, you can then decide whether you want to sign up for regular squash training in Mumbai. You and a friend or a few friends could sign up for an introductory session like this and add some fun sporting activity to a weekend. Next time someone says that have no idea what to do over the weekend, this is one of the things you should definitely suggest. Online bookings are also available on the app for an easy and hassle-free process.

Learn from the best squash trainers in the business
Joining classes can be for more than just beginners who want to learn a sport. If you’re an amateur looking to go pro, you may then be looking for a teacher who has the experiences of coaching professionals and who knows how to help players level up their game. If you think you have the potential and the commitment required for something like this, then you should definitely look out for a professional coach. And you don’t need to go far to find someone. Look for great sports coaching in Mumbai right here on the site or on the app. You can check up the sports coach online and learn about their classes and their background. You can also contact them or simply use the online service to book a session with them, if they’ve provided the option.  You can check if the sports coach academy has organisational connections. A pro-level coach can also help you find sponsorships as those really help and make life easier when one is pursuing a career in sports. There are even organisations that actively support young sportspersons and a coach with an established track record can also help open doors for you.

Practice at all the venues
A good way to get out of your comfort zone, is to not always play at the court you normally practice at. In order to get competition ready, you should try and play at different venues. You can check Sportobuddy and find out where they are and even execute an online sports booking or ground booking to confirm your time slot or time slots at that venue. You could play with a friend, your coach and even with some of the local players to see what it’s like to go up against a total stranger in a match. You’ll learn how to play against someone whose game level you don’t know and see whether you can ‘read’ their game and still manage to play at your level best. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and get better at handling things that you don’t know. If anything, that’s an excellent way to boost your confidence. And in sports, confidence is almost as important as talent.