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Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercise one can do and is also the most enjoyable sport to get fit. So now swim your way to success. Get best with the best in town. Sportobuddy.com presents easy and pocket friendly way to swim through. Learn how to swim with some of the top coaches in town. What are you waiting for? Put on those flippers and dive into the pool of triumph. Learn the most fun sport there is on Sportobuddy.
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Hold your breath and dive into your potential with the best swimming coaches in town

It’s one of life’s basic lessons. Being able to swim is very useful. It can come in handy when you need it most. It’s also a lot of fun. Quite strangely though, there are far too many adults who do not have to ability to swim. The solution is clear. They need to join swimming classes. Classes for all ages exist including swimming lessons for babies, and they really must go for them. Keen parents are enrolling their kids as young as 4 years of age, into classes. Learning how to swim is easy; show up, suit up and dive in. Just listen to what your swimming instructor has to say. Follow his/her instructions and in a few short weeks you’ll be swimming slow laps around your pool. Keep practicing and soon you’ll want to participate in open water swimming events. Well, that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s only natural to take to the water so well. It is in fact, an incredible sport, one that easily gives you a full body workout, relaxes your mind and is just great fun. And luckily, in a city like Mumbai, there are enough places available in the city to learn.

Find the best swimming pool in Mumbai

Forget getting a personal swimming trainer, everyone in Mumbai wants a personal pool. While we can’t help with that, you can definitely get a list of all the swimming pools in Mumbai where you can go and learn how to swim. Where is this list? On Sportobuddy.com and on the app. Here you can sort through a list as per your preferences with regards to location, budget, etc. You can check reviews, photos and even post some of your own. Once you find a few pools and instructors you think could work for you, you could go check them out in person. Do the rounds and at the end of the entire process, you should work out the details that you need and those that matter. After you’ve decided on a swim trainer, you can should make your booking online. You could book a temporary slot if you’re not sure about when you’ll be available. But it is recommended that you complete and confirm the booking by paying online so that your slot isn’t given away to someone else. Besides paying also helps you commit to it and sort of ensures that you’ll show up for class. We offer discounts and offers on select partners as well.

Go make a splash and get ahead of others

Thanks to your swimming training program, you’ll learn a lot of different techniques and strokes that you can use in the pool. You may even be tempted to look up sports events online and maybe even sign up for some competitive stuff.  While that’s not a bad idea, it’s always good to check with your coach first. If they allow it, excellent. If they say no, it happens. They may have said no because they may think that you weren’t ready this year and will be on track for the next year. Sometimes even injuries occur during these events. That’s why every swimming teacher, training adults and kids, must have basic first aid and be able to perform CPR. Every once in a while, there are swimmer trainer classes, camps and workshops set up. Attending those meets can help coaches plan ahead and maybe even help their own technique. Swim instructor training is very important if you want your instructor to be very effective at what they do. And when they share what they’ve learnt with you, it’ll help you become a very good swimmer too. And that is just a marvellous thing.

Do the rounds at all swimming clubs in Mumbai

If you start swimming competitively, you’ll get to swim in a lot of different pools in a lot of different places. Remember, it is still water, the same kind you swim in, in your own pool back home. Just look up upcoming swimming events so that nothing catches you by surprise. But it is true that some pool facilities are for better than others. There are some that are so great, they’re almost intimidating, while there are others so relaxed, they almost seem like a friendly neighbourhood place. It is true that getting through the door at a lot of place with swimming pools is a challenge in Mumbai. This is partly because most people don’t know how to access pools. A great form of exercise is kept out of reach because there wasn’t enough information shared. Now thanks to our app, these pools, clubs and facilities are much closer to you than you think. So, shake off the fear and dive in because every lap you do translates into a better, faster, and healthier you.