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From the best hockey coaching books to the field, go the distance in your favourite sport

You can learn all the theory you want, but when you’re actually on the field of play, you’ll see that it’s never the way it is in the books. While they may describe the rules, the strategies, the plays, the shots and other parts of the game, they can’t properly describe how it actually feels when you’re on the field in the heat of a game. When your team is facing off against another team, the skill and effort required to keep the ball from them or steal it back from them, the satisfaction of executing a great drive or a neat flat pass or a flat slap and shooting a or assisting a goal is something that no hockey coaching books or website can teach you. You must experience it yourself. Anyone who has ever played hockey can also attest to the severe need of always wearing your shin guards as one whack of the ball or stick on your shins can drop you to the ground in agony. And in a game, you get no respite. You have to ignore the pain and keep playing. You learn all this and more in a good hockey training program.

Learn the game from the best hockey coach in Mumbai
While you can learn and practice the basics of the sport like speed, loose or Indian dribble, or a ball control drills individually, hockey remains a contact sport. Therefore, a team is going to have to learn how to play together on the field and they have to learn to play against real live players and not the cones they use for practice.  For a team to manage all this they need good hockey trainers. Now field hockey training is available in Mumbai at several locations. If you’re part of a school or college team then you probably already have access to a playground or a training centre. If you’re looking for a coach who can guide your team to victory, then you can check on Sportobuddy.com or its app for someone qualified. You or whoever is managing your sports team could check their profiles, book hockey coach and arrange for a few training sessions to see if their coaching style works for the team. Of course, all the names listed will be qualified, but you have to ensure that they don’t have other commitments and whether they have the time to do justice to your teams training. The booking of these coaches can happen online. It’s fast, easy and secure.

Play at any hockey ground in Mumbai
So you’ve got your team and your coach. But your coach and team think that occasionally you need a change of scenery. Something a little different could work as a bit of a morale boost for everyone. You could check on Sportobuddy for different venues that may be available. You can even check their rates online and if they fit in your budget, you could even book these places through the site or the app. You could even do all your necessary venue bookings online. Once that’s done, all you have to do, is show up, gear up and play. It’s a great thrill, especially to play on competition level astroturf, especially if you don’t normally have access to it. Eventually when you do compete, you won’t be surprised by the ground you’ll be running on. When you play in a familiar place, you’re always a little more comfortable. The atmosphere of a sporting event can be quite a pressure for a lot of players. Every one reacts to situations like this very differently. Again, your coach and their training is all you have to remember to make it through. Always look to them for guidance.

Make hockey in Mumbai popular again
Say you want to create a little publicity for your team, maybe raise some sponsorship or simply the moral support from your community for your team, you can create a hockey event on the site or app and invite everyone in the neighbourhood or from hockey clubs nearby and have a bit of fun. Alternatively, you could also keep checking the app or the site for events that someone else may have set up. In case your coach and your team give their consent, your team and you could go join that event for some inter club/ school/ college/ office level matches. Make sure you first manage your hockey coaching booking and have your coach along with you when you’re visiting another team. Their support and direction will be very important for everyone on your team. This also gives your coach the chance to study what your competition or potential competition is like and prepare accordingly. This may sound like you’re taking your game a little too seriously. But that’s fine as long as you remember to have fun when you play.