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Find your spot within the rings of an ancient, high-energy sport

An ancient and interesting game, Kabaddi shows no signs of slowing down even in the face of games more popular around the world. It is a unique game that does not have its players chase balls, but rather is an eclectic combination of tag, wrestling, rugby, extreme cardio vascular exercise and allows its players to be raiders and defenders in turn. Obviously if there has to be a team of players playing Kabaddi, then by default there has to be a Kabaddi coach guiding the team. Without professional help, the team will not be able to identify their strengths, weaknesses and will not be able to see where and how they can create opportunities to score during raid and while defending. Luckily, for those who are interested, Kabaddi in Mumbai is a very accessible game and one whose rules can be learnt easily. Playing the game itself is a whole other matter. But things are a lot more streamlined now. Kabaddi coaching centres have become much more scientific in their approach to the game. Players and coaches understand the importance to train specifically for the sport and have incorporated a variety of training exercises into their drills. Besides regular practice, players have to undergo interval training, circuit training, weight training, resistance training, cross country running and endurance and speed-running called fartlek. All these come together to make a player formidable.

Find a Kabaddi coaching centre near you
Thanks to Pro-Kabaddi league, the youth are now connected to this otherwise rural sport. This has made it motivational for some athletes to take this up as a career. While it’s absolutely fine to practice with your friends in school, or college or even in your neighbourhood, if you want to take up the sport in a way that’s more than recreation, you’ll need to join proper coaching under professional Kabaddi trainers. Under their guidance you can learn the art of raiding, defending and figure out how to hold your breath for much longer. You’ll learn all the rules properly. There must also be techniques that allow you to wriggle out of the grasp of the defenders and try and get them all out. That is not easy to achieve, but it happens. Coaches also use training sessions to impart knowledge about game strategies and how to choose replacements during a game while gauging the opponents’ strength. Teams also learn to trust one another, establish non-verbal forms of communication and instead of functioning like individuals; they learn how to function as one. Skill drills come into play here as do tactics and when a team practices them on their own; they understand how to apply them during a game. After all in a match, it’s usually a game of one against seven.

Check out all Kabaddi venues and Kabaddi events in Mumbai
To find places where you can learn the sport is now easier than ever. All you have to do is check out Sportobuddy.com or its app. Here you’ll find a list of all the places where training for this sport happens. Go through the reviews and ratings that users may have left behind. You could also check for reviews and ratings left by players about their coaches, though considering that most will be professionals you’d be fine working with any of them. To make your decision easier, you could add a location filter and see who’s located closest to where you live, or located somewhere that’s convenient for you. Once you have a few options that you feel will be worth considering, you could actually go out and see the venues and meet the coaches in person. This little extra effort always helps. While online reviews, ratings and photos help decision making, they can’t really replace what you see and experience first-hand. Once you’ve completed your recces you could consider all your options and accordingly you could book Kabaddi coach and a venue, and start your training. You could even complete the booking and payment procedures via the site or app if the coach and venue has allowed for that option.

Participate in every Kabaddi tournament
Once you’ve completed Kabaddi coaching booking and spent enough time training, you and your team will be itching to try out a few matches to see how far you’ve come. While there will be constant games held during training, competing in a tournament is a whole different thing. The charged-up atmosphere, the point of all your training, tactics, strategies all comes to a head. The pressure to perform is high. Some revel in it while others crack. You’ll only know what you’re capable of when you and your team enter the arena. What you must do is focus. Block out everything that doesn’t matter and just play your game. Remember your coach and remember the training they gave you. Trust that all the drills your coach made you perform have prepared you for this very moment. Take a deep breath. And raid.