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Glide on any surface and feel the difference, with Sportobuddy

Ever since the wheel was invented, man has been attaching it to almost everything. The simple wheel has helped create so many amazing things that have made our lives more comfortable and fun. It was inevitable that someone would eventually attach it to their shoes because they thought of a faster way to move around. But that is not what happened. Roller skates were introduced in 1760 by a Dutch inventor called John Merlin. It was actually an ice skate with wheels instead of the blade. It was what is referred to today as an inline skate. They didn’t catch on because they weren’t easy to steer and didn’t have any brakes. Sometime in the 1840s, roller skates were used on stage in an opera to simulate ice skating and that’s when skating became really popular in Europe. Eventually it went from a pastime activity to a competitive one. A number of forms emerged; speed skating, in-line figure skating and even races. In the 1970s it became massively popular along with disco. As kids, almost everyone tries this out for a while. It’s obvious why – it’s mostly indoors, though sometimes there are outdoor spaces that allow for skating safely, it burns off a lot of energy and mostly though, it is a lot of fun. Every youth sport club, and most neighbourhoods offer skating venues and the services of a skating coach, and you may even find this happening in Mumbai. So, if you’re interested in learning how to do this marvellous sport, or have been longing to get back to it, now’s your chance. All you need to do is find the time and make a commitment.

The right coach can make things roll smoothly
If you’ve tried conducting online fitness trainer searches or tried to find a skating venue online, you’ve probably realised that a lot of the information you find doesn’t lead to any conclusive results. There’s always a doubt about what you’ve found out online. But fret no more for there is a way to roll smoothly over all the cracks and it’s called Sportobuddy. Think of it as the friend who has all the sports related information you need. Just check the site or the app and you’ll find a ton of information related to everything from trainers to the actual sport and skateboarding events. You’ll not only find an exhaustive list with all the locations and coaches, but you can also filter these results as per your location. That way you can make sure that your skating class is at a convenient location. It helps when you don’t really have to go out of your usual way to attend class. In fact, the closer it is to home, the better. Of course, sometimes you need to travel in order to get the right quality, but if you’re serious it’s worth it. The other important things you’ll find on this site and app are ratings, reviews and photos posted by people who’ve tried out these services. This can easily help you make a short list that you can be confident about. After all, it is important to know as much as possible about those in charge of teaching people skills. You definitely want somebody who knows what they’re doing. If they have impeccable credentials, it makes learning from them a whole lot easier.

Get ready to roll together
Say you’ve been learning for a while and want to know how good your skating skills are in comparison with others. Say you’ve checked with your coach and the best skaters of your class and are keen to organise an event where you invite enthusiasts from across the city to participate in a series of competitive events. If you’re wondering how to get the word out about this competition so everyone can know about it, wonder no more. Remember that friend we mentioned, the one who has all the sports related information you need? Yes, Sportobuddy.com. Just set up a local event on the site or the app and ensure that you put in all the necessary details. If you want you could even set it at another venue and book that skating venue online. Then wait for people to roll in. To find a coach in Mumbai, you can turn to this app as well. You can book your preferred choice online and schedule a slot to begin practice.

What else can you do on skates?
There are those who would live to be able to use it as a means to commute between home and school or college or even work, provided of course that they don’t have to go too far. Of course, given the chaos that is our streets, this doesn’t seem like the safest commute option available. But if skating outdoors is your thing, you could look up an outdoor sport trainer on this site. Or like kids do, you could come up with your own sort of game that combines skating with something else and see if it catches on. And once you get really good at it, you could become a sports trainer yourself.