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1 court 2 teams 3 touches – In volleyball that’s the way we go

Volleyball is a very widely played game. From US to India to Europe, girls and boys of all ages indulge in this fun, high-energy sport.  The popularity of this game is so widespread that variations have cropped up like beach volleyball, blind volleyball, etc. In fact, there are two variations of the game played in the Olympic games. One is on the regular volleyball court and the other is on an outdoor volleyball court or rather the game played on the beach. But you don’t have to be an Olympian to play this sport. You can also play it recreationally in your building, school, or college. It is quite a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that many decide to play it competitively too. That’s where things change. In a competitive sport, you can’t always decide who your teammates will be. Here’s where the volleyball trainer really matters. This is very much a team sport and the team really needs to work well together in order to deliver a winning performance. Without a team that understands each other, that knows how to play together, that trusts completely, there won’t be any real sport. So as any team sport goes, this one is right up there.

Get your team the best volleyball coaching in Mumbai
While every individual should work on improving all aspects of their game, it is also extremely important that individual members learn how to play together. When members of a team can read each other’s movements and intentions without having to call them out, that’s when you know a team is really functioning as one. This can be brought about only by a good volleyball coach who understands his players. A good coach grooms individual players to make their games stronger while ensuring that the cumulative talent of the team grows too. Everyone learns their positions whether it is defence, serve or attack and plays them to perfection. While training for volleyball, no one is allowed to drop the ball, literally and metaphorically. Training also involves a lot of fitness training too. A team needs to be fit in order to be able to handle the physical and mental demands of the sport. Personal volleyball trainers know that when team members work out and train together, they bond. They learn to support each other and believe in each other. They understand each other and are able to take up the slack in case one member is unable to bear their share of the responsibility. All this is the result of good coaching.

Practice at indoor volleyball courts and volleyball grounds
In order to get used to all sorts of surfaces, a team should practice on as many different courts as possible. To find out where these courts are, check Sportobuddy.com or the app. Here you’ll find a list of locations and details on the facilities available. You can also check rental rates, available slots and reviews that may have been posted by other users. You’ll also see any rating that past users may have left behind. There’s also the options of applying a location filter in order to choose a court that’s closest to you or one that’s mid-way for all the players and the coach. If you’re practicing on a different court then easily figuring out all the locations where you can practice can be a big time and energy saver. Being able to book and pay for these online straight from the app is also extremely convenient. Just remember that every place may have its own rules about apparel and footwear and areas where one can eat or drink. Just be careful to not break any of the rules. It’s important that the court officials not be displeased with any of the players. There won’t be any repercussions on the coach or the team, but it’s an old way of respecting the game and the people who manage the courts.

Sign up for all volleyball events near you
Whether there’s a volleyball tournament or whether it’s just a gathering of coaches and players in support of a venue or a local club match, you can find all these details on Sportobuddy’s website and app. In fact if you’re creating an event, you should definitely create a local outdoor event from the options the site and app provides. It’ll help get the word out. Those interested can even book and pay online if required. You could even organise a neighbourhood match with this and invite all the people who live in the buildings in the neighbourhood to make teams and join in. The options continue with the possibility of corporate events and even inter-school or inter-college events. And when you’re putting together a team, and need a coach, just visit the same site or app and find one.