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Lonavala Trail Run

Lonavala, Maharashtra, India
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Date & Time:
23rd December, 2017 - 24th December, 2017 | 05:00 AM onwards

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Runbhoomi Races, an extreme footrace through primary Lonavala Jungle in Maharashtra.
Lonavala Trail Run, the Indias wildest eco race, gives competitors the opportunity to combine sport and eco-tourism and experience this stunning part of India.
We offer three distances: 

Lonavala Trail Run [21km]
Dream Green Run [10km]
Joy of Jungle [5km]

The course, which includes swamps, river crossings, steep climbs and descents, village trails and fluvial beaches, combined with humidity and scorching temperatures makes it a daunting and exciting race, but well within the realms of any competitor who has a strong mental mindset.
Yes, physical fitness is a requirement- but if you don’t have a strong mental tenacity to combine with it then you will struggle to reach the finish.
If you are ready for one of the most exciting and challenging adventures of your life, sign up today and join us from 24th December 2017 in Lonavala, Maharashtra at the 2nd Edition of the legendary Runbhoomi Races.

Last day of Registrations - 15th December 2017.

Day 1: 23rd Dec'17 Saturday

4:00 pm – Check-In, Registration & Tent Allocation

4:30 pm – Hi-Tea & Snacks

5:00 pm – Opening Ceremony & Orientation

6:00 pm – Free & Me Time

7:00 pm – Band Performance 1

7:30 pm – Guardians of Nature Speakers

8:00 pm – Band Performance 2

9:30 pm – Dinner

10:30 pm – Lights-out

Day 1: 24th Dec'17 Sunday

5:00 am – Wakeup Beagle

5:30 am – Breakfast – Biscuits, Tea & Coffee

5:45 am – Warm-up Drills

6:00 am – 21.1KM Lonavala Trail Run – Flag Off

6:30 am – 10KM Dream Green Run

7:00 am – 5KM Joy of Jungle

9:00 am – Prize & Saplings Distribution

10:00 am – Brunch –

11:00 am – Closing ceremony for an exciting event & Check out

Terms & Conditions:

Terms and Condition

On registration all competitors agree to abide by the rules and regulations, terms and conditions as set out by Runbhoomi Races.


Terms and conditions may be subject to change at short notice.

In any dispute, the Race Directors decision will be final and binding on all parties.

Runbhoomi Races reserves the right to alter or modify any aspect of the Runbhoomi Races Trail 

Running Series itinerary at short notice in response to unforeseen circumstances in order to ensure the safety and security of all participants.


Registration Method

The Registration for the Marathon can be done through only online mode by inserting details in online registration forms last date of registration. Where any discrepancy is found in an application, the same will not be accepted. Information for filling online registration form is provided in website.



The Registration, as well as the BIB, is non-transferable and the no person shall be allowed to participate in other’s behalf. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the registration in case of violation despite the race having been completed.


Ability for Long distance Run

The registered participant must have sound health and ability for long distance run. One must not participate in this running event if he is suffered by prolonged illness, heart problems, respiration troubles or other severe diseases. 

Certificates & Medals

The Medals and E-Certificates shall be issued to the successful participants of 05KM, 10 KM and 21 KM only. A Participant shall be considered as successful if the Organizers/Judges are satisfied that she/he has completed the race without violation of any express or implied rule of the race. The decision of the Organizers shall be final.


Participants can procure Authorized RUNBHOOMI RACES T-shirt from distribution points. Although participants are free to wear any T-shirt of their choice only after the permission to Race Directors.


T-shirt size will be as per availability and first come first serve basis.

Care for Environment

We aim to provide a clean and litter-free environment throughout the event. The Participants are expected to use only the Designated Dustbins, sited in prominent spots, for disposing of the trash. Any deliberate or irresponsible act of the Participant involving littering on the streets and surrounding areas can lead to immediate cancellation of registration of the Participants.


The positions will be decided based on the order in which the participants cross the finishing line irrespective of starting time. The decision of the Organizers as to the winners of the Prizes shall be final. The distribution of the prizes shall be at the discretion of the Organizers. The organizers reserve the right to withdraw any prizes even though the same has been advertised and publicized.

Usage of Information

By entering the race the registrants give permission for the free use of their name, voice or picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion on another account of this event or any other subsequent event/s in the future.

Restrictions on Commercial Usage of Event by Participants

Participants will not use the event for any commercial purpose whatsoever including but not limited to advertisement, promotion of business activities, display of business logos and selling of products. Any violation of this restriction may lead to the cancellation of registration besides other legal remedies that may be sought by the organizers.

Event Cancellation

The event will only be canceled or postponed due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. In such an eventuality the organizers shall not be liable in respect of any costs and expenses one may incur as a result of such cancellation or postponement.

No Liability

Participation is at the Participant’s own risk. The Organizers are not liable for any damages, by whatever name, suffered by a Participant as a result of the participation. This exclusion of liability also applies to serious damages such as all possible damages resulting from injury or death.

The Participant declares that he is aware of the fact that participation requires good physical and mental health and declares that he meets this requirement and that he has adequately prepared for the Event through training and other means.

The Participant indemnifies the Organizer against liability for damages suffered by third parties as a result of an act or omission relating to the Event that is attributable to a Participant.

 The Organizers shall also not be liable for the ill-effects, if any, that may be suffered by the participants as a result of consumption of water or any other stuff being provided at the event.

The Organizers shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the Participants as a result of the acts of the co-participants, volunteers, spectators, etc.


The age limit for various categories are as follows

Lonavala Trail Run – 16 – 60 years

10k Dream Green Run – 12 – 60 years

5k Joy of Jungle – Above 6 years

*Standard fitness level is required for all the categories. Participants with medical prescription or any health issue please consult a doctor


Open to men and women, individuals, corporates and teams.

Race Stages

In order to protect the safety of competitors, it is necessary to introduce cutoff point to avoid competitors competing in dangerous conditions. Each stage allows a generous a short course may be provided for those competing at a speed which would jeopardize the chances of the competitor returning safely

Check Points :

Lonavala Trail Run – 3 &half hours max · - 10k Dream Green Run – 2 hours max · - 5k Joy of Jungle – 1 hours max

Check Points :

These will be located in between every 3-5 km marked as per the race categories.

Competitors must pass through all the checkpoints on each stage.

21k trail Running Participants will get a coupon at the start of the race which they have to submit to every checkpoint without fail or the result will be a disqualification.

At every checkpoint, water will be distributed and must be emptied into personal water bottles (or similar).

In no circumstances must any competitor leave the checkpoint with the empty plastic bottles or throw a plastic bottle or similar in the trail route or in the jungle will be disqualified.

Each checkpoint will also provide the opportunity to seek medical assistance if needed.

Failure to pass a checkpoint will result in elimination from the race.

Finishing a Stage

At the finish line of each stage, water will be provided.

After securing settling in you will be given the opportunity to seek medical attention if needed.

Mandatory Equipment’s

Water Bottle and Hydration Bladder

A Pair of extra clothes

Hat or Cap

Running Shoes

Waterproof bag for electronics and valuables

Rain Protection

Personal Medicines


Whistle for Safety

Headlamp and a Torch

Race Number

Each competitor will be issued with a race number

It is the competitor’s responsibility to make sure they are clearly displayed at all times during the race.

Due to potential sponsor and media broadcast considerations, the Race Director may impose restrictions on sponsor logos

BIB distribution will be carried on a specific location in Mumbai & Pune – on 9th December and 10th December in Mumbai and on 16th December and 17th December 2017 in Pune.

Participants would be informed about the location through email and text messages and on Runbhoomi Official facebook page.

BIB can also be collected one Prior night of the event

Representatives can also collect on your behalf provided they carry a copy of your ID proof and list of names of the participants

Collection of Running Number

Participants may be asked to pay zero or nominal amount of money towards for the Running Number/BIB. The Participants shall have to collect the BIB at the stipulated time for collection but not later than a day before the date of the event.


All competitors are required to eat sufficient food for both before and the duration of the race.

Runbhoomi Races will provide the participants with Morning breakfast and after race brunch

Water Supply

At every checkpoints the participants will have to fill up the entire 500ml of water capacity.

It is the individual competitor’s responsibility to manage their water intake and prevent dehydration.

The race organizers will take no responsibility for competitors who not consume water provided by race officials. Refreshments and Water Points

The Organizers shall endeavor to make arrangements for Water at regular intervals of the distance and Refreshments at the end of the race but there is no commitment for the same and the participants are advised to carry their own stuff as per their needs. Further, the Participants shall consume the water and other stuff at their own risk and the Organizers shall not be responsible for the results of consumption, if any.

Outside Assistance

The only assistance permitted is via the race officials and medical personnel.

This is a self-sufficient foot race.

No use of any form of transport or outside provisions is allowed between checkpoints.

Any infringements of this rule will be taken seriously and will result in the disqualification of the competitor or competitors involved.

Voluntary Withdrawal from the Race

Competitors wishing to withdraw from the race may do so at any time by approaching and informing a race official of their intention to withdraw.

As soon as is reasonably practical they will be transported to the base camp.


Time penalties if awarded will be added to individual times at the end of each stage and rankings adjusted accordingly.

Appeals against any penalty must be made via the Race Director before the start of the next stage.

Contravening any of the rules and regulations will result in a 10min penalty per infringement

All missing items from the mandatory gear list will incur a 10min penalty

Any willful attempt to take detours from the course route, there are no shortcuts through this jungle, will be taken very seriously resulting in possible disqualification (not including being genuinely lost)


Disqualification will result in the competitor leaving the race with no ranking and no refund, Transportation to the finish line and accommodation will be at the runner's expense unless staying at the Runbhoomi Jungle Series base camp.

Overall and Stage Placing

Competitors will be ranked and times indicated in hours, min, secs according to their individual overall and stage performances

Health & S

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