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Campion Platinum Jubilee

Campion School, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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No.13, Cooperage Road, Fort, Maharashtra, Mumbai - 400001
5 th January,2018 - 13 th January,2018 08:00 onwards
Campion celebrates its Platinum Jubilee Year with a calendar of sporting events, including football, basketball, cricket, and chess. Each will be keenly contested and will feature participation from schools across the city. To start with, the Football tournament held on the 5th, 6th, and 13th of January covers the following categories for girls and boys.

Boys Category:-
1) Under 8
2) Under 10
3) Under 12
4) Under 14

Girls Category:-
1) Under 12
2) Under 14
The Campion School Platinum Jubilee Football Championship, an initiative by Campion School, is open to Schools (by invitation only). The Championship shall be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the game except where amended:

a)There shall be no offside.
b)There will be “kick-in” instead of a “throw-in” from the sidelines of the pitch.
c)Except for penalty kicks, all goals will be indirect.

The tournament will be managed by the Campion School Sports Committee whose decision relating to any aspect of the championship shall be final and binding on all the teams. Interpretation of these rules and regulations, their construction and effect rest entirely with the Campion School Sports Committee.

Each team may bring a maximum of twelve players (12) including substitutes. A team will consist of 7 players only. All teams will have to strictly adhere to the following rules:

a)Proof of Age (School Id or MSSA Identity card) will have to be produced by all the participants.

Players Eligibility: Boys

a) Boys under 8 yrs - Born on or after 1st Jan 2010
b) Boys under 10 yrs - Born on or after 1st Jan 2008
c) Boys under 12 yrs - Born on or after 1st Jan 2006
d) Boys under 14 yrs - Born on or after 1st Jan 2004

Players Eligibility: Girls

a)Girls Under 12 yrs - Born on or after 1st Jan 2006
b)Girls Under 14 yrs - Born on or after 1st Jan 2004

Substitution: Rolling substitution will be permitted and during the course of the match any substitute is free to replace any player at any point in time. The substituted player will have to first leave the field, only after which will the substitute be permitted to enter the field.

Timekeeping for each game will be the sole discretion of the referee in charge of the match. Each game will last 15 minutes with a 5-minute break in between.

The championship will be played on a knock-out basis.

Although adequate safety precautions have been taken and medical facilities will be available to treat any injuries sustained while playing, the Champion Sports Committee or Campion School will not be held responsible and/or liable for the same and the players will be playing at their own risk.
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