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Anchor Champions League

Astro Park - St. Stanislaus Sports Complex, Saint Peters Road, Near Balaji, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Bandra, West, Bandra West, Maharashtra, Mumbai - 400050
Date & Time:
19th June, 2019 - 4th August, 2019 | 04:00 PM onwards
What is Anchor Champions League?
Anchor Champions League is a 6v6 amateur football tournament, which will be hosted in Bandra. 
32 teams will compete in a 3 day long tournament starting on 26th July 2019, Friday.

Group & Knockout Format
-> 32 teams will be divided into 8 groups of 4 teams each
-> All teams will play the opponents in their own groups twice (6 group stages matches per team)
-> The top 2 teams from each group will qualify to compete in the Champions League - Round of 16 with the winning teams moving onto the Champions League - Quarterfinals and the losing teams will be relegated to the Rising League - Round of 16 where they will play the teams finishing 3rd in the all the groups

-> 6v6 with rotational substitutes (minimum squad of 10 players)
-> Two halves of 12 minutes
-> Standard futsal rules
Terms & Conditions:

6-A-side Rules:

This is an amateur competition, excessively competitive and aggressive behavior is not appropriate and WILL NOT be tolerated


a) Registration is on sportobuddy.com only

b) Registration will only be accepted with full payment by Credit/Debit card at the time of registration


Must be either Football Boots with molded studs or Touch Football Trainers. No Screw – In or Metal Studs will be allowed, players with these kinds of footwear will not be permitted to play


a) If a team 5 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time cannot field a minimum of five players, a walkover will be enforced

b) If a team cannot start on time, but has the minimum number present within the first 5 minutes, a one-goal penalty against them will stand, and the game shall continue

c) No refunds will be given for any forfeited games


a) The duration of a match will be 24 minutes, 12 minutes each way

b) You are responsible for turning up on time to play your match

c) You will be allocated a match when you arrive

d) No refunds will be given for matches not played


There is a 1 minute half time break


a) Each team will be responsible for the appointment of a Team Official

b) The Team Official will also be responsible for the management of players And supporters behavior


a) Official qualified referees will be supplied for each match

b) Anybody who abuses, manhandles, or strikes a referee will be BANNED from the competition

c) Please behave and respect these guys who are giving up their time so that you can have fun!

All decisions of the referee regarding the game are final

d) No protests of a referee decision will be accepted


a) There will be no clock stoppages for an injury unless it is extremely serious

b) Injured players who are able must leave the field of play immediately and once they have done so, may be substituted


a) Each team will consist of 6 players on the field and 4 substitutes (including a goalkeeper)

b) 6 players are on the field at one time (5 open-field players and 1 goalkeeper)


a) All players within a team must wear the jerseys provided by Sportobuddy

b) All players must wear appropriate sporting footwear

c) Players may not wear jewelry or any other sharp adornments, and must keep fingernails short at all times


a) There are unlimited, rolling substitutions but must take place from the halfway line

b) The player being replaced MUST leave the field before the replacement player can enter play


The goalkeeper can pick the ball up anywhere inside the “D” penalty area. He is allowed to leave the penalty area


a) Goal kicks must be taken from inside the goalkeeper’s “D” area

b) The ball must be place kicked, not thrown

c) If the ball is kicked over halfway on the full, an indirect free kick will be awarded on the halfway line

d) A goal cannot be scored directly from a kickoff

e) The opposing team must be outside of the center circle, or 3m from the kick-off point


The regular back pass rule applies


These will be marked and taken in the usual manner


When the ball goes over the sideline play restarts with a kick-in (i.e. no throw-ins)


Free kicks, other than penalties will be INDIRECT. Opposing players must be a minimum of 5m away from the ball


Penalties are awarded as normal for any fouls inside the “D” penalty area and will be taken from the spot as marked


There will be NO OFFSIDE rule


a) A slide tackle will be deemed a foul and be awarded a penalty

b) If the same player commits this offence twice they will be given a yellow card and will sit out for 2 minutes


There will be a “NO OVER HEAD” height rule applied to the game (any ball that is kicked overhead height will result in a free kick to the opposing team)


At the referee’s discretion, a player can be given a time out penalty (YELLOW card) and must stand behind the team's goal (Time out penalties will last 2 minutes)

A yellow card will be shown for the following offences:

a) Guilty of unsporting behavior including foul play, time wasting and the use of offensive, insulting or abusive language

b) Persistently infringing on the laws of the game

Any player accumulating 2 yellow cards (in separate games) will automatically miss the next scheduled match


a) Any player given the red card will automatically miss the next two scheduled matches

b) A red card can be shown for the following offences:

1) Guilty of serious foul play

2) Guilty of violent conduct

3) Use of offensive, insulting or abusive language

4) Two yellow cards received during a match

Any player that is given 2 red cards for the Tournament may be asked to stand down for the rest of the Tournament

Substitutes are able to replace a yellow card player but unable to replace a red carded player!

ACL Player Registration
₹1,500 + ₹270 GST per team
ACL Team Registration
₹15,000 + ₹2700 GST per team
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