Trekathon 2017

Irshalgad, Nadhal, Maharashtra, India
8 Reviews

Reviews (8)

3 years ago
Ravi Pawar
3 years ago
Raj Pandey
Amazing location, the views are just great. If you are looking for a short and wonderful trek, Trekathon is the one for you. It was easy for me to book this trek with sportobuddy and days of the trek was really wonderful. The trek guides and instructors were also helpful.
3 years ago
Yang Theorigin
It's good guys participate and enjoy .
3 years ago
Anil Parmar
Don't stop. Push harder. Keep going. Yoooo SSA
3 years ago
Er Sheetal Shinde
Amazing Trekathon well organised, enthusiastic and motivating organisers and even photographers, great place, sporty people. Loved it.
3 years ago
Cant wait for next trekathon. Looking forward for more. Super fun.
3 years ago
Amit V
Dream Run.!!!!!!!!!!! Best way to Challenge yourself.
3 years ago
Vijay Kadam
Awesome guys to be with on trek. look forward to participating in Trekathon Great work guys! Look forward.

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