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Join the collective adrenaline surge with the help of Sportobuddy.com

You’ve seen it on TV, you’ve dreamt about it and now, finally, you actually get a chance to do it. You can make your very own glorious adventure sports video and win over a legion of fans by executing perfect manoeuvres fearlessly. Of course, this means you’ll already have practiced and prepped for this moment and aren’t counting entirely on beginners luck or hoping that you’re a ‘natural’. But yes, participating or simply watching adventure sports events is quite a thrill. Watching it, especially online, is a fantastic pastime. Checking out people while they fly down mountainsides clad in wingsuits is incredible. And there’s no way you’ve missed those slow motion bungee jump videos. Then there are those fantastic shots of people riding the waves on their surfboards at some amazing locations. What about skydiving? It’s probably the one thing on everyone’s bucket list. Popular videos online also have a compilation of videos where people scale steep snow-covered mountains only to come skiing down their intimidating slopes. Drifting cars, free styling with high powered motorbikes, performing impossible flips in mid-air with bicycles and motorbikes and the list of awesome adventures goes on and on. Every time you think ‘oh I’d love to do that!’, there is a little voice in your head that plants a seed of doubt, ‘Can you, really?’. People are capable of awesome things and even the thought of being one of these people, who do awesome things that could probably inspire millions, is something worth following up.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?
You too can participate in events that give you the ultimate rush. If you’re wondering whether you can find out about adventure sports events online, you can check with Sportobuddy.com or its app. Keep checking in to stay updated with the latest in adventures sports activities. If you are an amateur trekker and wish to undertake some rugged climbs this year, then you have great options ranging from the snow trek to Kuari Pass to the marvellous Chadar trek. Then there’s the other option. If you’re a regular extreme sports goer, you can even use this site or app to create your own event. Imagine setting up your very own surfing event at a gorgeous beach at Pondicherry or even Odisha. People can then book sports events through the app or site and confirm their participation. Setting up a friendly event is a great opportunity to meet fellow members of the sports community who share the same interests as you do. If you already have a strong community, then you could even look for sponsors and set up a formal competitive event, booking for which could also happen on the site or app. If organised correctly, this event which started off as a fun project for you could even grow to become a regular annual affair that draws people who wait anxiously to participate in it. Now that would be totally awesome. All you have to do is start setting it up. Who knows where it will take you. It could be like one of those really amazing treks on a mountain where everything is a literal uphill battle but once you go around a bend you’re greeted with a magnificent view that takes your breath away. Something like that makes all the hard work worthwhile. Participating in these events can also help in your fitness plan as you will work towards prepping your mind and body to undertake these demanding activities.

Speaking of mountain treks, make them possible at the tap of a button
Any event you find or set up on Sportobuddy doesn’t necessarily have to be the next big thing. You could start with a small thing, like joining or putting together a small mountain trekking event. If you’re joining a pre-existing event then simply check all the details and see if they work for you. If you’re putting together one yourself, then remember to specify just about everything. Mention the location, duration, meeting point, any services you could provide and the fees for them. Trekking in India can be very different depending on where it’s happening. So make sure you mention what sort of weather you may face in order for trekkers to pack the right type of gear. Also important is mentioning the difficulty of the trek as you don’t want first timers showing up for something that’s basically an advanced multi-day trek. It’s always important to set expectations right in the beginning. That way if people show up unprepared or without the right gear, you can manage the situation. It is very important to never underestimate mountains. They’re beautiful but are usually unforgiving to those who come unprepared. Always proceed with caution. It’s better to be laughed at by others for being too careful rather than finding out the hard way that you weren’t careful enough. Trekking or any other outdoor adventure sport is best undertaken with like-minded people who are single-mindedly focused on the job at hand. Sportobuddy helps you connect with such people with the tap of a button.

Make your event really take off with simple online services
So, you’re not interested in trekking up mountains as much as you are in soaring above them. Well then there are things for you to do too. If you’re already a paraglider than you can set up paragliding events. Or else, you could check if there are any you could join and make the sporting event booking online too. Flying is exciting. And the usual methods end up costing a lot of money. This keeps it out of reach for a lot of people. But paragliding is quite cost effective. It’s not difficult to learn, and even if you don’t want to fly yourself, you can sit back while someone else controls the wing and simply take in the magnificent views around you. Soaring above the skies, looking at the earth below you and enjoying the solitude is not an experience most events can offer. Maybe it’s safe to say that a paragliding event would be best suited for introverts. One where they could meet a lot of people with similar interests but then not really have to speak to them for extended periods of time. Whatever your choice of adventure tournaments maybe, Sportobuddy helps you connect with them with the ease of online ground booking and services.