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Embrace the thrill of adventure sports with Sportobuddy.com

You’ve probably already seen these on TV or online. You’ve probably heard someone you know, describe what a thrill and an absolute rush it was. But if you’ve never tried rafting or kayaking in India yourself, you’re definitely missing out on something rather special. It’s a great feeling. It works whether you’re on river rapids or placid backwaters or lakes. For those who like their adventure a little extreme, river rapids work best. But you need to graduate to a level where you can navigate rapids on your own in a kayak. You’ll have to work your way up through different classes of rapids. The International Rating system has seven classes. Class A is lake water that’s usually still and has no perceptible movement. This is where everyone should start. Class I is easy, smooth water with light ripples, a clear passage, the occasional sand bank and gentle curves. Class II is moderate level water that’s neither slow nor fast. The rapids here have regularly formed waves and clear, clean passages between rocks and obstructions. It’s meant for intermediate level people who know that they have to handle a kayak and can read the water. Class III is moderately difficult with many high and irregular waves, rocks and eddies that require someone with expert level experience to navigate. Class IV rapids are difficult, long and powerful. They’ve got souse holes and boiling eddies that require precision and power to navigate. Class V’s are extremely difficult, long and violent rapids. It’s an unbroken stretch of obstructions with violent currents, big drops and steep downhill slopes that can only masters can run. Class VI are extraordinarily impossible rapids for highly seasoned professionals or Olympian-level riders.

Where can I go kayaking in Mumbai?
This activity was being conducted of a beach in south Mumbai for a short time but to ensure that the facility is still open you should check on Sportobuddy.com. Here you’ll find a full list of places that still run this activity. Sportobuddy is a sports local search platform where you can find the latest sports events in Mumbai, and other cities. Not just that, you can also find fitness options like gyms, Zumba, Martial Arts, and other workout regimes to your liking and requirement. Using easy and instant online booking options, you can book off any sport or fitness event in the city. Coming back to kayaking, obviously, you’ll find way more options for this outside the city. What you’ll also find is a list of adventure sports events that may be happening. What you should do next is get a group of friends together and head out to tackle the rapids. Under professional supervision of course. You can count on Sportobuddy to help you connect with the best kayaking trainers you can find. It is extremely important that you follow all the safety precautions and instructions given during the briefing. These will help keep you alive in case you ever fall into the water or find yourself losing control of your kayak. Unless you’re a Class V Leader, i.e. an expert level paddler who has the experience, training and judgement to lead any group into the wild waters, you should stick to the route you’re told to follow. Someone will have recced it and figured out an exciting but safe route that provides challenges but doesn’t threaten the rider in any way.

Remember to have fun
That is the primary goal of all adventure events. To have as much fun as is possible. Some people have so much fun that they choose do this all the time and it becomes more than a hobby but a way of life. If you’re looking to start one of those ‘kayaking near you’ services, and have the right sort of training, judgement, experience and inclination to do so then you probably should. You should also ensure that your customers and friends leave ratings and testimonials for you on Sportobuddy via the site or the app. This will help raise credibility and bring more customers. You could also set up an event that introduces people to the awesomeness of white water rafting and kayaking. To make it easier the site allows for online event registration so people can pay securely and book their spot from wherever they are. As long as you ensure people have a great time and manage to do all of that safely, you’ll find that there are fans coming back for more. Sportobuddy helps you connect with the best sport and fitness services around so that your passion never takes a back seat.

The river is calling, what’s keeping you?
Through Sportobuddy, you have a chance to meet and interact with expert peddlers and enthusiasts in this category. The other advantage of this is that you get to form a community of like-minded people with similar interests. This is always a good idea. You can learn from each other and grow. You could set out to explore new waterways and act as a support system in the wild. You could even set up an event for experts and describe what you intend to do. That way you’re reaching out to a qualified audience and don’t get any beginners who will not be able to handle a highly technical waterway. Of course, never go in blind; reconnoitre the route on foot as far as is possible and learn the exits. And as always, give people to option to complete their event booking online for extra convenience.