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With the help of Sportobuddy.com, hang out high in the sky

It is something humans always fantasize about. Soaring through the skies with a cool breeze playing and a nice, warm sun shining down. Maybe that’s why superheroes who could fly were always so popular. It’s an escape from the drudgeries of daily life. Get some quiet time up amongst the clouds. But unfortunately, humans can’t fly. Yet. And the normal methods of flight end up costing quite a bit, especially if you intend to leave terra-firma on a regular basis. But there is obviously a solution. One that is accessible to almost everyone, i.e. quite inexpensive. The only fuel you’ll need to take off is whatever you’ve already eaten and what’ll be keeping you in the air is physics. Obviously, we’re talking about paragliding in India. Now this isn’t like parasailing where no skill at all is required on the part of the person that goes up in the air. This requires training and in case you’re interested in flying solo, it requires certification as well. The best part is both are quite easy to get. After that it’ll just be you and the sky. People have learnt how great it is. That’s probably why more and more are signing up for adventure sports in India.

Sign up for the best paragliding events in India
If you’re looking to try this adventure sport out for the first time, attending an event organised by professionals may be a good way to go about it. To stay updated on these events, keep checking the Sportobuddy app or website. Everything will be geared to getting people who never tried it to sign up for it. They’ll also have ideally picked a day with the perfect weather conditions that allow for safe and turbulence free flights. They’ll have all the safety information out to assure people that paragliding is a safe activity when done correctly with the proper training. Of course, there will be a limited number of trial flights available so you may need to book your spot well in advance. Use Sportobuddy.com to keep abreast of all the latest events for paragliding in India. If you want to go paragliding in Pune or paragliding near Mumbai, Kamshet is a popular spot for it. Check this site or its app to know when you can go. You can also make a temporary booking for your spot online in case you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to make it. But you should decide fast as there will obviously be those who have their heart set on attending. Once you’re sure, you can even confirm your booking by paying online securely through the site or app. And then you fly.

Set up your own event with Sportobuddy.com
If you’re looking to introduce people to paragliding or set up some sort of friendly or competitive event around it for professionals or amateurs, you can also use Sportobuddy to make it happen. Just set up a local event and ask your friends to spread the word. Just put all the necessary information that people should know with the event details and then wait for people to complete their paragliding event booking online. Of course, some may prefer it old-school and want to meet you before the event, which can be managed. Maintaining a regularly updated online presence does help improve credibility, especially for new players in the market. If you have real testimonials that people could verify, that could help immensely as well. Imagine what it’ll be like introducing a whole new set if people to the wonders of flying. And the actual flying relies only on wind energy, so in a way, it’s quite eco-friendly too.

Join the high-flyers club
Paragliding may be an extreme sport, but it offers a solitude few sports do. It’s a perfect escape from absolutely everything. For the short time that you’re up in the air, you’re on your own. Alone with your thoughts. Looking out at the world spread out beneath you. It’s enough to inspire people to become poets. Paragliding in Mumbai isn’t quite possible because of the absence of mountains and the lack of safe places to land. You don’t want to end up coming down on a highway, do you? There’s also all the air traffic to consider. You don’t want to get in the way off all those planes taking off and landing at one of the busiest airports in the country. But most of all, flying above a city requires way too many clearances from authorities and most won’t even get them. But you don’t have to go too far to try it out. Keep checking this site for information about it. Don’t think for too long before you book paragliding event though, your spot may just fly away. Be it for fitness or entertainment, paragliding is an amazing experience that everyone must behold and feel at least one point in their lives.  So, embrace this outdoor sport with open arms and an open mind.