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No summit is out of sight if you plan it right with Sportobuddy.com

If getting out of the city and into the heart of nature is what excites you, then you probably enjoy a spot of trekking. Luckily, trekking in India offers enthusiasts plenty of options. Today, it is an extremely popular activity with more and more people discovering the joy of the great outdoors. If you’re just starting out, it is recommended that you join a few groups that usually head out of the city on weekends and tackle some relatively simple trails. The advantage of this is that these trails are usually easy to reach and take only a few hours to cover. There’s almost always a group that’s heading out and that’s looking for a few more people to join. A lot of events are also organised to introduce trekking as an activity to people. You should definitely keep an eye out for upcoming sporting events like these. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to learn about all the trails you can cover as a beginner. Explore these trails around your city and you’ll soon also learn about some medium and advanced level trails that exist. Get enough practice and you could tackle those too. It is always recommended to go in groups for activities like these, there’s always safety in numbers. After all, nature is quite unpredictable and if you’re likely to get stuck, it’ll be good to get all the help possible especially since you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Soon, you’ll want to go farther and farther away to explore more than what is just in your backyard.

Try out the best mountain trekking in India
The thing about adventure sports is that they are quite addictive. Once you’re hooked it’s extremely difficult to stop. You end spending all your free time checking up on the next trail to hit or the next mountain to scale. If you’ve got a group of mountain climbers then you’ll have a bunch of other people constantly searching for sports events online and itching to head out. Their doubts, questions and queries have an answer and it is called Sportobuddy. This site and its app is the one place for you and your friends to figure out all you need about the best trekking places in India. You can even search for adventure sports events and book them online. Be it the exotic Chadar trek or the picturesque Brahmatal trek or the gorgeous Chandrashila trek or the demanding Kauri Pass trek, you get all the information here. It also allows you to make a booking while you frantically call your friends and tell them about it. Using secure payment gateways, making a payment on this online platform is as easy as it is safe. Sporting Event booking online has never been this easy. Indulging your interests, especially healthy ones like trekking has also become far easier thanks to the services offered by this easy-to-use and secure site and its app. Soon, you’ll be wondering how you even managed without it in the first place. And the search for the next trek continues.

Set off on your own and seek new peaks
So, you’ve explored trails far and wide, high and low, easy, medium and difficult. You’re the one who usually offers advice on treks and always has the information people need. It’s thanks to you that a bunch of your friends and/or colleagues now go mountain trekking regularly. You’ve become so well versed with the flora and fauna that people are calling you a naturalist and you love that title. Every once in a while you’re even asked to lead a trek or two. You could even try setting up an event on your own and inviting people to join. Obviously an easy platform to try this is Sportobuddy.com or the app. It’ll help if you could get other users who’ve trekked with you to offer some testimonials that could help establish credibility and get people who do not know you interested in hiring your services. 

Trekking can take you places, both in the mind and outside
Literally. The number of options for mountain trekking in India are incredible. Right from the Nilgiri mountains in southern India to her northernmost tip the Himalayas, trekking can happen anywhere. In fact, trekking Himalaya is something a lot of people dream about. After all, who does not want to trek in the world’s highest and possibly most exotic mountain range? And in case you didn’t know, there’s even a desert up there. The number of people trekking in those mountains is increasing every year. And it’s not like they’re all trying to make it to Mt. Everest. There’s plenty of wildlife to scout in the mountains. One of the most legendary creatures is called the grey ghost, more commonly known as the snow leopard. Expeditions to track it and spot it draw large crowds to a rather inhospitable place. Limited oxygen, extreme cold and no creature comforts do not deter these enthusiasts. You’ll only know why when you try it for yourself. So, break away from the chains and compulsions of everyday routine and breathe in the fresh air of adventure. Find your centre amidst the wild outdoors and lose yourself in the vastness our country has to offer.  Be it Himalayan trekking, or local hill climbing, give yourself a taste of a great adevnture.