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Test your mettle in an outdoor arena with Sportobuddy.com

Playing sports is fun. Practice it regularly and long enough and you can consider playing it competitively. The idea is, if you play against the same set of people regularly, you learn their strengths, weaknesses and can understand how they play. You can use that knowledge to your advantage. This can give you an advantage over them. But, imagine you were to take this to the next level. How well would you and your game hold up against players you’ve never met? Now you can find out. You can test how you handle the pressure of going up against someone or some team that’s unknown and taking them on. You can see whether you can read these opponents as well as you can when you’re on home turf. You’ll learn exactly what having the home ground advantage means. You’ll find out how good your game is. How well your team plays when they face a challenge they’ve never faced before. It’s not easy. Walking into an outdoor sports centre that’s unfamiliar to you and delivering a performance that would make your coach and your team proud. Everything you’ve learnt about the game you love will be tested here. You don’t have all the time in the world to figure out your opponent’s weaknesses. You have to figure them out while you’re playing and somehow manage to keep their scores low at the same time. Everything suddenly gets very real, very fast. But these matches are a thrill. It brings out the best in some players. Those who can handle the pressure and have the talent get their chance to shine. And that is all the motivation some players need.

Participate in outdoor sporting events in your city
In the olden days, you’d rely on your coach to inform you about any tournaments that would be taking place. While your coach is still a very reliable source of information, you now have another — Sportobuddy. Think of this site or app as a friend who’s always got their ear to the ground on all things sports. Checking here regularly will keep you abreast of all the latest comings and goings on all sporting activities. You can check and see if you and your team want to participate in any of these events. You could individually participate in these events as well. That’s not all. You could even set up an event of your own. Say you and your team have booked a football ground in Mumbai and want to set up youth football tournaments or football tournaments for kids; you can easily do that on Sportobuddy.com. Just remember to add all the necessary details and you’ll be fine. Once the event is live, all you have to do is wait for interested teams to sign up for it. Remember though, playing host is a big deal and you’ll need to accommodate all the visitors on your turf well. It’s your responsibility to make sure that they have a safe place to store their gear, warm up, practice, change and privacy to work out their game plan. Football tournaments, are as interesting to watch as it is pain-staking to undertake successfully. The other thing you can do on this site and its app is book other football grounds in Mumbai. This will help your team understand what it is like to play on turfs that are not your own every once in a while. This also helps a team build confidence. Use the location filter on the Sportobuddy app and book a venue, a turf of a football ground near you. You could also book cricket grounds in Mumbai. All this will work towards your wellbeing as you don’t have to get a membership in the neighbourhood fitness centre in Mumbai.

It works for other sports too
You could use Sportobuddy to participate or organise a basketball tournament, volleyball tournament, hockey tournaments or tournaments for any other sport too. Use the same procedure to find another place to play for practice or set up matches that others can participate in. Tournaments also allow players to observe different ways to play the same game. It can be a lot of fun and it can be an amazing learning experience. Players can pick up different styles of playing simply through observation. It’s useful for coaches too as they can observe how other coaches operate and understand the strategies employed by different teams. This helps a coach teach their team how to play and respond to a change in tactic. Games after all can change in moments. A team has to learn how to make the most of every situation if they are to win. Another important point is that they learn about their own weaknesses. Sometimes, try as they might, and despite the rigorous training given by their coach, a team will not be able to improve certain aspects of its game. But watching an opposing team figure it out and exploit it may inspire them to work harder on their weak points. They could learn how it’s done by watching another team manage the same aspect of the game. In short, the more exposure you give your game, the more it’s bound to improve.

It’s not over until the last ball
Most Indians consider a cricket ground booking online to be hallowed ground. There are more than a few cricket grounds in Mumbai where some legendary names have practiced and perfected their game. Obviously, many young players flock to these pitches in the hope that practicing on those grounds will prove as lucky for them as it did for those players whose names are known in every country that plays cricket. But it’s not just luck. It’s dedication, perseverance, and years of practice. It is the ability to walk into every cricket tournament with the confidence that they will deliver their best and follow up that confidence with actual performance. Watching an athlete on a day when he or she is in good form is an absolute treat. This is probably why you’ll normally see a crowd gathered outside any ground where a cricket match is being played. There’s usually a batsman or bowler playing his best and inspiring those around him.