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Get the best of outdoor sports, now with the ease and speed of modern technology

Religion, passion, craze, obsession, call it what you will. There’s absolutely no doubt that India’s most loved and watched and maybe even most played game is cricket. Nothing beats it here. For a long time, no other sport even mattered. Family members encourage young boys to take up the sport and the best player on the school team becomes a local hero of sorts. Thanks to the internet generation and access to global cultures, kids and adults are now opening up to newer sports. Other kinds of activities have been getting their due. Today, football is also extremely popular. Walk around a city like Mumbai and you’ll definitely see more than your fair share of team jerseys being sported by many individuals. Every restaurant that screens international football tournaments is instantly filled with cheering crowds. But what about those who want to play it? They don’t have to be left behind. Now they have a chance to play soccer recreationally or, if they choose, competitively. It’s all very possible today. If there are kids who want to learn how to play it, there are many options available in the country today. If there are gown ups who want to play it, there are more than a few turfs available for them too. But a good sign that a sport is growing, is the number of tournaments conducted for it. If you are new to the sport and wish to get some guidance, you now have access to that too.

Join football tournaments in India and be a part of a new-age fitness revolution
Whether it’s a junior football tournament or a corporate soccer league, every game needs players, a venue, and crowds to cheer them on. Get them all together using Sportobuddy.com or its app. You can use this site for everything from locating venues, finding coaches, and even setting up your own events. When you do set up an event, you can invite football teams from your specific neighbourhood or even the entire city to come participate. And what sort of tournament to set up is entirely up to you. You can set up a kid’s football tournament or a youth football tournament and invite those teams. You could even arrange an intra-office or an inter-office tournament and have a great time watching people you normally see hidden behind a desk chasing a ball on the field. Sports after all act as a great team and morale building and bonding activity amongst co-workers. It gives them a chance to see each other in a role and in an environment other than what they normally experience in formal office surroundings. It’s also an incredible amount of fun. And now, sportobuddy gives you that extra hand to ensure that there is an easy way to find your way around organizing and playing in a football game without going through too many coordination and logistic hassles. With easy online ground booking and online payment options, you can now book the best turfs and cricket grounds in Mumbai.

Cricket and football, take your pick or pick both and play your heart
No matter what the youth think or believe is the current flavour of the month, cricket and the love for it will always prevail. The number of kids that sign up for formal coaching hasn’t really dropped. The number of aspirants for the Indian cricket team hasn’t dropped either. In fact, Indian cricket has been enjoying its best ever run in decades and its popularity, which was never in trouble, is at an all-time high. It doesn’t matter how popular football gets and it doesn’t matter that it is the most popular sport in the world. It is also one of the most accessible games and is played by millions around the planet. But, cricket will always hold a special place in the hearts of us Indians. Even amongst those that love or prefer other sports. For the foreseeable future, the search for cricket grounds events in Mumbai, for practice and tournaments will continue. And with the ability of anything to transform into stumps, the game will be played almost everywhere. So, for the amateur cricketer, there is now a way to get connected with the best cricket coaches in Mumbai and take your game to the next level.

Get access to the best cricket academy in Mumbai
You may have the determination to make it big, but what really will help you reach the top is consistent hard training and guidance of a master. Both are amply available at the best academies of your city. Go on Sportobuddy.com and check out the academies near your home, or office or any preferred location. You could also visit them to understand their infrastructure and regulations. However, make your booking through the app and you could get the slot of your choice. You could also avail special offers and discounts with our preferred partners. It’s time to put wings on those dreams and fly.