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Shuttle between work and play with a good game of badminton at a court in your locality

Though the origins of the game remain unclear, there is a school of thought that believes that the game may have been invented in India. It was apparently quite popular amongst expat British officers in the mid-1800s. In the early days it was called Poona, named after Pune, a garrison town in Maharashtra. Of course it was very different from the sport we know today. It became what we recognise as badminton sometime in 1893. It soon spread all over the world and an International Badminton Federation was formed in 1934. Though the rules have undergone slight changes over the years, the overall nature of the game has remained unchanged. The design of the badminton court, for instance, is largely the same as it was. The racquets have obviously evolved over time. Once made of wood, they progressed to different metals like steel and aluminium. Today though, high-performance racquets are made from a mix of carbon-graphite, carbon-fibre and sometimes titanium and nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes and fullerene. In short, every effort has been made to make the game as swift and effortless as it is meant to be. In its early days the world’s best players were mostly European. In recent times, India, China and other Asian countries have produced excellent players. In India the popularity of the game has grown exponentially in the past few years thanks to young Indian shuttlers making an impressive mark on the world stage. As a result there are far more youngsters looking for a good badminton academy in Mumbai and looking to join badminton clubs in India. Luckily there are quite a few.

Book the best badminton courts in Mumbai

Though enough of them exist, they aren’t exactly easy to find. Mostly because the game is taught and played competitively on an indoor badminton court. Any outdoor badminton game is purely recreational. Of course that’s not a bad thing. It’s where most start. Even if it is being played outdoors, some people call it a “badminton ground” which may not be entirely correct. Anyway, if you want to find indoor badminton courts in Mumbai and successfully execute a badminton court booking, help is closer than you think. All you have to do is search Sportobuddy.com or download the app, both android and iOS versions are available. The app auto-detects your location, in case you wish to search for a different location, feed in the relevant details. Post this, you need to select “badminton” as the sport and voila, you will have a list of all possible playing facilities within your location. Check ratings and reviews about the one you prefer. Once you’ve finalised your venue and are ready to play, venue booking Mumbai can also be completed right there and then. You can make a temporary or a permanent booking and pay to confirm it. No need to make endless phone calls to unfriendly office staff who are not really interested in sharing information with you. Just search, book, get out and play in 3 simple hassle-free steps.

What’s so great about badminton?

Everything. Unless you’ve played on a proper indoor court, you cannot possibly imagine what it takes to cover an area that’s 20ft x 22ft. That’s half of the court. Take it up seriously and play it for years and you’ll build an incredible amount of core strength, stamina, agility and fantastic hand-eye co-ordination. That’s the reward of taking up the fastest racquet game in the world. It provides a great workout and is an amazing way to get fit and lose weight. Sports are way more fun as an exercise form than gyms anyway. If you think tennis is faster you should know that the fastest recorded tennis stroke was 263kph while the fastest recorded badminton stroke was 332kph. It is also a non-contact sport. Which means it can easily be played with two people. This makes it easier to find people to play with. So if you want to play badminton in Mumbai and don’t know anyone to play with, Sportobuddy can help with that too. You can create a local event and invite other like-minded players on the app to join in. It’s a great way to find enough players and split the sport venue booking and playing costs as well.

It’s great to watch too

It is action packed, has deception, strategy, technique, style, attack, defence, and is very fast paced. Watching two or four elite players battle it out is thoroughly entertaining. The lengths to which some players go to in order to keep the shuttle from touching the floor can be breath-taking. Each side has an equal chance, as in order to gain match victory, a player has to win two of three games. There are a number of tournaments held each year and watching badminton in Mumbai is a relatively easy task. Just browse through our app and check for all the relevant venues. If you like watching and want to try playing it, use the app to easily book a badminton court. Just make sure you carry the proper badminton shoes. They’re relatively inexpensive, will provide the right grip and protect you from injury. You’ll get faster, stronger, fitter but most importantly you’ll have a great time doing it. Badminton as a sport has evolved greatly in India, especially from a polite society activity among friends to a fast-paced, aggressive, high-stakes sport among competitors. In the years to come, we wish to see more professional athletes take it up as a serious career and more working folks engaging in it after office hours.