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How many times have your parents told you to go out and play? And that playing outdoors is very important? I'm sure that number has already exceeded a million. Well, they're wise enough to know the significance of playing outdoors. Outdoor sports boost your metabolism and keep you fit. Your fitness is our concern too. Therefore, Sportobuddy gives you an opportunity to take your sport outdoor. Find a multifarious mix of sports and their venues online and book a convenient slot for yourself. Book now on Sportobuddy.com and take your sport outdoor.
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Game on! Sweat it out at great outdoor sports venues in Mumbai

We know you’ll agree with this. Every once in a while it’s liberating to forget about the worries and stresses of everyday life and just play. It could be anything — a game, a sport, any activity. When you’re in this zone, it ignites something special. If you’ve ever played a sport, you know what we’re talking about. That rush. That thrill. That little spark of madness that pushes you beyond your limits. Maybe you should find out if you still have it. If you’ve never been into sports, you definitely want to know what that feeling is. If you’re interested and search long and hard, you’ll definitely find some place to let you discover or rediscover that feeling. But you don’t have to do that anymore. If you’re looking for a great outdoor sports ground or you wish to play in a tournament, there’s a way to find one easily. There’s even a way to explore options based on your location, how much it costs and book it online. Most importantly, this is sports. You’re not bouncing a rubber ball by yourself off a wall. Yes, that was fun, but for playing regularly, you’ll need other people. If you’ve got a bunch of friends ready to play, then brilliant. What if you don’t? Should you be resigned to slowly jog in despair at a promenade by the sea? No. Because now we have a solution.

Book the best outdoor sporting venues with Sportobuddy.com

A unique online platform and smartphone app that delivers a holistic sporting experience for enthusiasts, amateurs and athletes built using path breaking technology. Simply put, this means that you can book a football match at your favourite turf in Mumbai, link up with friends and have a great time wherever you are in the city. You can make this happen with just a few taps on your smartphone. Everything is built into this power-packed app. You could be searching for a cricket ground or a football turf, or maybe you want to find a nice, clean swimming pool. The listing service from this app will curate a list of the best options available around you. Once you find something suitable, select it, follow the instructions and you’ll be sweating it out on the grounds in no time. Every single necessary detail — the venue address, booking details, venue timings, ground booking online costs, activities, etc., will be shared with you via the app. You’ll be back in the fray in just three simple steps— find a venue that works for you, pick a convenient time slot and pay instantly to confirm your booking. It’s that easy. What if you don’t want to pay and confirm right away? That’s alright too. You can even book a time slot temporarily. But remember, in sports, competition is intense. If someone else chooses the same time slot as you and pays for it, you lose. If you’ve ever played at a club where you need to book a volleyball court/ ground or a badminton court, you’ll remember a group of senior citizens who’d somehow manage to corner the early morning slot for years. They knew how to plan ahead and book. Learn from them. On that point, what would you do if you wanted to learn a sport? Or were looking for personal or institute training for your team or even your kids? There’s help at hand.

Find the best coaches and trainers in India

Say you want to learn a sport, or want to get connected with a trainer who could take your game to the next level? Sportobuddy can help. Whether you’re looking for personal training or institute training, a cricket academy or a football academy in Mumbai, just head to the coaching section to find a list of trainers for everything from hockey to golf. All you have to do is use our filters to search for an option that works for you and connect with the trainer or the sports center. You could then meet or speak to them before taking a final decision. Our in-app review system can also help you find the best rated venues, coaches and institutes. This way you’ll find places and academies you never knew existed. The hidden sporting and fitness gems in your city finally have a platform where they can reach out to you in a safe, convenient and transparent manner. But wait. What if you’re not looking for trainers or coaches but people to play with? You’ve found the perfect turf for a fun five on five session of football, and only two or three people you know are interested in kicking a ball around. Here, you can even connect with fellow app users and like-minded players in your neighbourhood. You can create mini-events and games and allow people who are interested to join in. It’s not just that. If you’re a professional, a trainer or a venue-owner or manager, our platform provides a unique and credible meeting place for everyone. You can explore the app to figure out what people are looking for, what’s scheduled at what time and which locations see the most activity. If you’ve got an exciting event or a great new offering, we can help bring people to you. This is a sporting community the likes of which has never been seen in India before.

It’s time to play!

Don’t wonder about it. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how, what, where or why. Just start. Take that first step. Exercise makes for one of the best stress-busters and anti-depressants. That isn’t just anecdotal. There’s enough scientific evidence to back up claims about how great sport and exercise make you feel. If sitting down at a desk and staring at screens all day makes you feel dead, this will make you feel alive. If you’ve reached a mental block, if you’re feeling stressed and burnt-out, if there’s a ton of bottled-up frustration, sports and exercise will do a far better job than your favourite watering hole. Whether you’re looking to blow of some steam, for an actual steam room or even if you’re into sport as a career, we’ve got plenty of options to set you off in the right direction. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; whether it’s a football ground or a hockey ground, a basketball court or lawn tennis court we’ll help you find it. Even if something as lowkey as Kabaddi fascinates you and you wish to explore it, we have just the ground and trainers for it. If you always had questions and didn’t know who to ask, we can connect you with the people who can give you answers. All you have to do is sign up. Once you find something you like, you’ll be hooked. Keep showing up and you’ll get better, not just at the game you’re playing, but at everything else too. That’s the great thing about sports. After you’ve experience its intensity, after you’ve faced and overcome the challenges it throws at you, everything else feels like a walk in the park. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either. So what are you waiting for? Come on over. We’ll make the experience as smooth as an electric cart on a golf course. It’s time to play.