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It is because of the nature of the sport that it's arduous to find a right place to play basketball. You either play in your backyard or you just don't play with an excuse of not having a right place to play what you love. Now you don't need to play on those makeshift courts and can give up on those excuses as Sportobuddy brings to you an array of basketball courts around you. It gives you a list of venue based on your location and you can pick one reading our detailed description and reviews given by other users about that place.
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Dribbling down history lane: Origins and Popularity of the sport

In basketball, they say, the pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. The sport is regarded as one of the most aggressive, intense, and action-packed one ever played. However little do people know that it was invented as a less-injury-prone activity. All thanks go to Canadian physical education instructor Dr. James Naismith who was given 2 weeks to develop a game suitable to play indoors during the harsh Massachusetts winter for the students at the School for Christian Workers. He wanted to create a game that needed not just raw physical strength but also a fair degree of skill and technique. After several trials and errors and enough brainstorming sessions, the genius doctor penned down his legendary 13 rules of basketball and from there the game was developed. The first ever game played was 9-a-side, using a football and peach baskets. From there on, the sport spread across the continent like wild fire with schools imbibing it into their physical activity curriculum. From there came the professional play of the sport. In 1936, it was introduced in the Berlin Olympics and in 1949, the American National Basketball Association (NBA), was established, the high sanctuary for the sport and home to some of the biggest athletes in the world. Today basketball commands the attention of roughly 300 million fans worldwide, making it the 3rd most popular sport in the world.

It’s easy to see why a sport like this has garnered such rapid renown. To start with, it’s moderately uncomplicated– all one needs are a ball, a hoop, a pair of gym shoes and an indoor or outdoor basketball court. It’s a factor of toiling together and sharing the spoils that makes basketball, like any other sweaty team sport, such a fascination to play and watch. Then comes the celebrity X factor. Very few sports can boast of such a star-studded hall of fame as this one. From the old guard of Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson to the newer stars like Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Stephen Curry, the extent of celebrity factor has influenced the popularity of this outdoor sport in the minds of the masses. Over the years, the sport has evolved with circumstance. One such progression is wheelchair basketball. It was first played in the 1960 Summer Paralympics in Rome and from thereon caught a massive following and worldwide application and appeal. It was developed by World War II veterans from USA and today, it has brought passion and joy to countless men and women in as many as 80 countries.

Sportobuddy is making good basketball courts accessible to you

Basketball in India has been a well-liked sport ever since it was introduced in 1908. Today it is a common sight to find a well-maintained state-of-the-art basketball courts in most metro schools. Boys and girls, dressed in their uniforms, are seen dribbling, and dunking with hopes to play professionally someday. If you are a parent, with a child who has a knack for basketball and are looking for opportunities and facilities for him or her to play in, look no further. Sportobuddy brings to you an exhaustive list of all the basketball grounds, courts in Mumbai. Just download the app and start exploring. You can feed in your preferred location and the platform will extract the precise information dovetailed to your requirement. From local clubs to well-known academies, the infrastructure is all there for you to use as well. In case you have a child, who is already very good with the ball and you want him to get better, help is at hand. Sportobuddy.com helps you connect with certified basketball coaches and trainers who can work with your child and help elevate his game.

Make the right play at the best outdoor basketball court near you

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the schedule of things, where long office hours give way to longer traffic jams. To stay happy and stress-free, it’s critical to blow some steam or in this case, play some hoops. Attack the basket, show your skills, perfect that jump shot and in the process, have a ton of fun. This high-energy game pumps in so much adrenaline in your system that after just one intense ball movement you start feeling lighter and better. Sport has always been linked to efficiency and productivity at large. Research has always proven that those who invest their time in at least one sport develop several key skills like focus, ethic, strategy, time management, team play, etc. Basketball is one such unique game where all this comes into play and you get honed into a well-rounded individual, both on and off court. Sportobuddy gives you the opportunity to step up and seize the stage. You can do easy and instant online booking of basketball courts in Mumbai, which can be either temporary or permanent. However, like in the arena, here too the competition is intense, so we recommend you to confirm your bookings. Another great feature on the app is that it allows you to setup your own game and invite friends and others on the app to join in. So not having enough people to play with is no longer an excuse you can use to stay at home and watch TV shows. It also gives you a great way to meet other net-heads in the neighbourhood. The reason to join Sportobuddy are many, and with every fresh game, you will find newer ones. So now it’s time to dribble, shoot, rebound and score.