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Golf, unlike other ball sports, is not played on a standardised playing area. It is played on a course and cannot be played just anywhere. Most people who aspire to learn how to play Golf have no idea of where to go to take up this sport and those who already play this sport have a hard time finding the right venue for their sport. But Sportobuddy is here to ease out the process of finding the right place for your favourite sport. Now with Sportobuddy you can now book a golf course online. If you’re a pro or a novice who just wants to learn how to play golf, we are here you to help you with all your sporting needs. It’s all for the love of the game.
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A medieval game that took over the modern world

To know the story of golf, let us turn back time and travel to an era when kings ruled lands and fought wars. In 15th Century Scotland, golf, as we know it, evolved from another sport in the Kingdom of Fife. This outdoor sport fundamentally differed from other stick and ball games in 2 ways – firstly it needed an uneven rugged terrain and secondly it required a well-formed hole. Golf demanded expensive equipment and plenty of leisure time and the Industrial Revolution served both. It became an opportune recreation for wealthy lords and moneyed factory bosses to network with each other while bragging about their fortunes. Soon enough the game took off and became an industry of its own, with hiring of greenskeepers and mass-manufacturing of dimpled balls. In 1774, the first golf society was established by the Company of Edinburgh Golfers which also published the first 13 rules of play. About a century later, the first modern tournament was played in the Scottish town of Prestwick in 1860. A year later, the Open Championship (British Open) was born and the sport welcomed amateurs. 

Today, professional golf has garnered massive fan-following and media buzz from across the globe. This is probably thanks to the 4 major tournaments that have diligently thrown up exceptional talent onto the spotlight and given the world of sport some serious inspiration. From the legendary Jack Nicklaus who is regarded as the greatest golfer of all time, winning a total of 18 career major championships to the famed Tiger Woods who dominated the sport through the 2000s, Golf has given the world a distinguished collection of sporting gems. Traditionally in India, the sport was mostly regarded as an elitist recreation, with golf grounds reserved only for the rich & famous. Times have changed and now the middle class are making their presence felt on the greens. Today, India boasts of some of the finest golf courses in the region. From the historic Royal Calcutta Golf Club to the prestigious Delhi Golf Club in the Capital, to the magnificent Royal Springs Golf Club overlooking the Dal Lake in Srinagar, the sport has made its eminent presence in far-reaching corners of our country.

Choose from multiple courses and get your game on the greens
Gone are the days when people viewed this “birdies & bogeys” sport with colonial and imperial undertones. Today, it is for anyone and everyone with skill and interest. Some of the top Indian golfers of today come from humble middle-class backgrounds. This only makes the great sport trickle down to the masses and make it relevant and reachable for those who earlier thought it was meant only for the spoilt brats. Taking a step towards that initiative, Sportobuddy brings to you its services. From finding the closest golf course to helping you get your appointments to even assisting you with training, we are here for your every sporting need. You can use our easy and instant online ground booking service to block the slot that is most convenient. You can either temporarily book the spot or make a payment and confirm the booking. The latter ensures that this spot is allocated only to you and no one can have access to it. They say that 10,000 hours of practice will make you perfect at any pursuit. Be it a myth or actual science, there is no denying that golf takes a great deal of focus, patience and deliberate hard work to get great at it. However, is practice and pain all you need to bend the ball to your will? Sometimes you need the guidance and vision of an expert. Trained coaches spot talent where regular folks can’t and can always bring out the best in you. Sportobuddy.com helps you connect with some of the top golf coaches in India and assists you to up your game. So that you can make every practice routine count and master that swing The online platform also helps you meet other aficionados of the sport and expand your sporting network. Our aim is to simplify your search for the best golf course in Mumbai and get the best of help available in the city. Parents are introducing their kids to the driving range at an early age. The app can also help you find some great opportunities in golf clubs for kids. It will also notify you of a golfing event in the city so you can block your dates and work on your aiming.

Golfing getaway, the newest recreation for the classy Indian
With their shiny clubs and pristine white tee, the classy Indians have always had a fascination for golf. With one big promotion to a top management position came the blue-ribbon membership to the famed city golf course. Things have gone one step forward now. These weekends are no longer spent at home or the local disco, but on plush, modern, and expansive golf retreats. There are many local tour operators offering options like golf vacation packages, golf tour packages, golf vacation in India, so that you can get to swing your club while your wife sips on her favourite herbal tea or takes a dip in the pool. But why simply pay extra to the operator when you can use the Sportobuddy app to book the best clubs in India easily and instantly. Get access to reviews, information on the type of golf venue it is, the kind of facilities it provides on the app itself. With accommodation and other amenities like spas available on the property, these retreats are a wholesome package for the entire family to experience. They say a bad attitude is worse than a bad swing and a bad attitude would be to know that you have such great facilities available at the tap of a button and not availing them. So, make a booking and head to the greens.