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We take pride in calling hockey our national sport. India has made us proud on multiple events when it comes to hockey. But like many other sports apart from cricket and football, hockey too faces the challenge of limited place to play the sport. But now you can get a list of all the hockey grounds around you and easily book them too. Register now with Sportobuddy and avail easy hassle free online ground booking.

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Dribble your way into the weekend with hockey ground bookings

In one form or another, hockey has been around for thousands of years. Some form of the game was played in ancient Egypt about 4000 years ago. Depictions have also been found in Greece dating back to 600 BC. A game similar to hockey as we know it today has also been played by the Daur people from Mongolia for about 1000 years. It is a game so old, that the very origins of the word ‘hockey’ are not known, though there are several educated guesses made. In India as well, the game has been played for over a century. In fact, the first hockey club in India was set up in Kolkata sometime in the mid 1880s. Between 1928 and 1956, the Indian team shone on the Olympic hockey court. Overall the Indian hockey eam has won eight golds, one silver and two broze medals at the Olympics. It’s record is still unbroken and India ranks no. 1 on field hockey at the Olympics.  It was also the first non-European team to be a part of the International Hockey Federation. That is an achievement to celebrate and if possible maintain. But that requires hard work and a zealous passion. It seemed to have dies down but with India hosting the 2018  World Cup, there will possibly be a resurgance. In recent successes, the one that comes to mind is the 5-4 win against Bangladesh to win the U-18 Men's Asia Cup title.

Parts of the country plays, but the whole country suppots 

There are certain parts of the country, though, where the love of hockey has never died down or given way to more sports considered to have more glamour. For e.g., the Kodagu or Coorg district in Karnataka is considered the cradle of Indian hockey. That claim may be open to debate, but the passion of the Kodava people for the game is quite famous. More than 50 Kodavas have represented India in hockey tournaments around the world. They even have an annual Kodava Hockey Festival, which is treated by many as an annual pilgrimage. Over 200 families participate in it and it has been recognised as one of the largest tournaments in the world for this field sport. It has even managed to find mention in record books. A similar fervour for the game can be found in the state of Odisha and many notable players from the state have helped bring fame to our nation. The state also continues to develop its passion and will host the 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup as well. Overall, there are or have been a total of 38 different hockey tournaments in India. A great game with a great following, not limited to the hockey playground in schools. And bring this game to a ground close to you is Sportobuddy.

Can you play hockey in Mumbai?

Of course. If you’ve ever taken the train to Churchgate station, you can’t have missed the superb hockey court you pass on the western side of the tracks. But that by no means is the only one in the city. If you want to try your hand at the game, there is a way. Search the Sportobuddy website or app for a court near you. It is designed to help you explore and find the right venue to play, in a location near you. Once you have found a playing court that is convenient, you can either temporarily book a time slot available or you can pay online and confirm the booking. Then you and your team can head out for a game. If you don’t have people to go play with, you can set up a match and allow those interested to join in. It’s all quite easy. You can even use it to check venues and events that you may be interested in watching. Unlike playing football or cricket, hockey has never been a part of our popular culture, especially when it comes to playing or watching your TV. The closest that most of us came to the game was at school, post which it got lost in the shadow of more glamorous activities. But the time to change that is now and Sportobuddy is comitted to bringing hocket back into your lives, in the lives of your childhen and rediscover that simple joys of a stick handling. So if you have even the slightest knack to pursue this power-packed game, sign up and head out.

Inspire the next generation

Want your kids to learn hockey? Excellent choice. You should obviously check with their school and see what’s required for your kid to join. Usually that includes coaching. In case your kid is interested in spending more time on the game, you can check Sportobuddy.com for hockey grounds in Mumbai where professional coaching is provided by certified trainers. On the app, you can look up a hockey academy and check out reviews about it. You and your child can go scout a few locations and meet a few coaches before settling on a final class. It is after all a legendary game with a fascniating history. India is also known to regularly develop world class players. And if your child wants to be a part of that legacy then you should, by all means, support that cause. Every sportsperson, after all, at some point of their lives, quietly of course, dreams of winning a prestigious tournament. Though few achieve that goal, it is always good to keep that dream alive. So buy those shin guards, practice that dribble, get the flick right and learn to shoot straight.