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As a sport, Kabaddi is gaining popularity by the day. It now has many countries participating and that, in turn, has increased the sport's global reach. With Kabaddi becoming a popular sport here in India and abroad, more and more people are taking interest to learn and play this sport. It's a fun activity and helps you get fit. But finding grounds to play kabaddi can be a task. Well not anymore as now you can find and book grounds online at Sportobuddy with ease. With an array of Kabaddi grounds, you can select one based on your location, book easily following few simple steps and go on and play. So, what are you waiting for? log on to Sportobuddy now and experience the joy of easy online ground bookings.

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Take a deep breath and get in on the action

Don’t forget to chant. Stop or breathe and you’re out. For all the strange rules, some games have, not being allowed to inhale during a ‘raid’ may be one of the strangest. But then you really can’t argue with the ancient rules of an ancient game. It is even a part of Indian mythology. Kabaddi in India is quite popular in villages and matches tend to draw a crowd. When you read more about how it is played, you’ll see why this contact sport is regarded as a recreational form of combat training. It’s played by two teams of seven players each on a Kabaddi ground or arena. The ground is divided into halves and each team occupies one half. Players take turns in invading the opponent teams’ territory, tagging the players and getting back to their half. The trick is to manage this in one breath, while constantly chanting ‘kabaddi kabaddi’ and not running out of air while the opponent team tries to block your return to safety. The raider has a high chance of getting caught as he or she is outnumbered seven to one. But, at the same time the raider, if skilled or lucky enough, can also get the entire team out in one go. When you start understanding the nuances of the game, you realise how interesting it is. When you watch, it being played, you realise that it is a thrilling combination of wrestling, rugby and tag all rolled into one on a compact rectangular arena for a total of 40 minutes. India has always dominated the scene on a global stage, winning record gold medals in the Asian Games since the time the game was introduced in 1990. Very recently, our boys registered an extraordinary triumph against a powerful Iran team with an awe-inspiring showcase of strategy and skill in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup final. The ladies aren’t far behind either. In September 2016, Indian women's kabaddi team won the glittering gold medal in Asian Beach Games, making everyone back home very proud. This makes us the real titans of Kabaddi, reigning over every World Cup, in both men and women’s tournament. Very few countries can boast of such a hold on any sport.

Where can you watch and play Kabaddi in Mumbai?

There are several locations around the city where kabaddi is played regularly. If you head to a suburb called Dadar, there are a few locations there marked out as a book kabaddi playground. If you’re worried that you’ll have to wander from place to place asking ‘Kabaddi? Kabaddi?’ then don’t be. There’s a simpler solution. Just search on Sportobuddy.com or download the app. You’ll have a list of every kabaddi ground in Mumbai with photos, ratings, reviews and a complete address. You can check what events are happening when and head out to watch a game. And if you want to play, the procedure is the same. Once you’ve found a convenient location, not just at Dadar, but anywhere in the city, you can book it temporarily or even pay online and confirm your reservation. After that all you have to do until you go and play is practice holding your breath. But that’s considering that you already have 13 or at least seven other people to play with. If you don’t and can’t find anyone interested, there’s a solution for that too. The app and website allows you to create a match and let those interested in it join in. That way you can meet people who are interested in the sport and find enough of them to set up a fun match. What an excellent way to expand your social network.

Pick your style and play your passion

There isn’t just one way to play kabaddi. India has four major forms called Amar, Sanjeevani, Huttuttoo, and Gaminee. Some of these forms have made their way across the globe. Amar is mostly played by Punjabi sportsmen and Huttuttoo by those from Maharashtra. Sanjeevani/ Suranjeevi is the most common form of the sport around the world. It’s where a player who has been tagged out can be revived if a player from the opponent’s team is declared out. The Gaminee style takes the difficulty level a notch higher as no player revival is allowed and unless all the players on one side are tagged out, the game can go on indefinitely until five or seven points are scored. Many regional forms of the game also exist in different parts of the country and each region has their own interesting twist to the game. This makes it more interesting and a truly national sport.

Pass on the legacy to the next generation

If you’re interested, you already know where to look. All the information you need is right on the Sportobuddy app or on this website, from costs to reviews, we have it all covered. All the playing possibilities like grounds, clubs or even academies will be made accessible to you, with a simple tap of a button. Just find a place close by, get your friends together, or find others who are interested in playing with the site or app and get going. Once you have your team together, figure out which style you want to play, divide up into teams, toss a coin and go! Just remember, move fast, use your hands and legs to tag when you’re raiding and get back to safety as fast as possible. Well, you’ll usually have to crawl while a bunch of people try and rip your legs off, but we assure you, it is fun. Only once you are involved will also push the next generation to discover the joys of this adrenaline-packed sport. Thanks to its recent media coverage and newly found glamour quotient, more and more of the youth are now finding interest in following the sport actively like kabaddi event in Mumbai/India. The time is not far when they too will pick up their gang and head to the ground to raid and win.