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From after-dinner recreation to global phenomenon

With an alternative name like ping pong, and consistently noteworthy performances by its players, the more stereotypically inclined would automatically assume that table tennis had its origins in China. But research says that this game may have been invented in the 1880s as a post-dinner alternative to lawn tennis in England. It was played using whatever was available. Books would be the net, other books would be racquets, and a golf ball or the rounded part of a champagne cork would be the ball. Since then, the game has changed and developed considerably to become what we know as table tennis. It is claimed that there are about 40 million competitive table tennis players and countless millions who play recreationally around the world. Apparently it is the sport with the most number of participants on Earth. The large number of table tennis clubs in Mumbai alone can help prove this. In fact, many housing societies also of a table tennis club on their premises. Countless offices and apartment buildings have a ping pong table within the facility. It’s available to all who are interested and have the time. Unofficial and official table tennis tournaments and matches also occur at venues like these. It’s great fun to play and great fun to watch and cheer the players. What seemingly started as an after-dinner pastime amongst Victorians is a game that’s played everywhere in the world today.

Join a table tennis academy and get in on the action

It’s fun. Especially because of the way the ball moves when it spins. Elite players can recognise the patterns and counter effectively but for those who want to try it recreationally, it is very entertaining. You can even turn it into a sort-of magic trick. There’s an interesting way to spin the ball when you serve and if you know how to do it, you can even predict how a beginner will respond to it and where the ball will go when it bounces off your opponents’ racquet. You can ask another friend to stand in a particular position so that they may even catch the ball. And then you can watch everyone look astonished as you repeat the feat again. There’s also a lot of love associated with the game. Grown-ups tend to get all nostalgic when they look at a ‘TT table’. Maybe that’s why they encourage their kids to join a ping pong academy. It has all the advantages of sports while being indoors. Which means it can be played all through the year, irrespective of weather. And because of the way it is, you don’t even need too many people to play. One or two others will do.

So where can you play table tennis in Mumbai?

There’s no dearth of options. But if you don’t know where to look, things just got a whole lot easier. All you must do is explore Sportobuddy.com or download the app. The app auto-detects your location or you can choose a location and hit the search button to explore all the possibilities near you and you can book your sporting venues online. You can then sort through them depending on their ratings and reviews. There will even be photos for you to check out. That way you know what to expect when you reach there. If you want to eliminate any possibility of someone else booking it before you, you can even make a temporary booking online. But to really be sure, you should confirm the booking by making an online payment. Yes, that convenience is available too. What if you really want to play but don’t know anyone you could play with? No need to worry. Here, you can even create a local match using the app’s “Play” option and find and connect with likeminded players in the neighbourhood. Isn’t that brilliant? You not only find places to play that work for you based on cost and location but also people who are interested in joining in. Give it a shot, and you’ll be whacking counterattacks in no time.

Don’t keep calm, it’ time to get ahead in the game

Whether you want to play competitively or recreationally, there’s no doubt that table tennis pushes your speed and stamina to newer, more powerful levels. It doesn’t matter where you’re playing table tennis in India, you’ll always find that a lot of people who play, have tried creating their own version of a grip, or stroke or even a spin in order to outfox their opponents. It’s a lot of fun to watch someone switch from a handshake grip to a pen hold or even the see miller, as a tactic to intimidate their opponents. They toss the ball high into the air and stamp hard just as they serve. The styles of play are innumerable. If you are interested in developing professional prowess for the game, Sportobuddy can help you connect with certified table tennis coaches and trainers in the city. If you want to pay table tennis, India has a tonne of options. Just use Sportobuddy to find the one closest to you.