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Love playing tennis? Then you got to check out the exclusive list of Tennis grounds here on Sportobuddy. We have listed down one of the best tennis grounds around. You can select one as per your needs, book convenient slot for yourself and enjoy a good game. Also, be a part of tennis tournaments through Sportobuddy.com.
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Create a racket with easy and instant tennis court booking options in your city

There’s something rather exceptional about tennis. The combination of the setting, the court, the power of the strokes played, the players and the kind of following they have, makes it seem quite classy on one hard and aggressive on the other. It is estimated that about 1.2 billion people watch or play tennis around the world. Even if you drive around the city, you see there are many tennis courts in Mumbai. Amongst many other interesting facts about tennis is the fact that it is one of the few sports in the world that stands above the rest in providing equal opportunities to both women and men, e.g. men and women who stand as winners of a prestigious tennis tournament take home the same amount of prize money. Consequently, tennis in Mumbai is a popular sport amongst both genders. There are four prestigious tournaments that are followed by tennis fans year after year. They are, in chronological order, the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. These are played on a variety of surfaces. The Australian Open has players compete on a hard surface made of plex cushion, the French Open on a clay court, Wimbledon on grass and US Open on another form of hard surface called deco turf. Obviously there are certain players who prefer and excel on certain surfaces, but there are those who prevail everywhere. Roger Federer, for example, who is considered by many experts to be the greatest player in the history of the game, has won 17 grand slam titles and six world finals, the most number of victories for any male player. His greatest competitor, Rafael Nadal is regarded as the greatest clay court player of all time.

So where are the tennis clubs in Mumbai?

How many do you want to learn about? Though this city is congested and everyone is fighting for space, there are more than enough places for one to go and play sports. All you have to do is want it. If you want to learn lawn tennis or just play it for fun, the location of the closest court may surprise you. To find out where it is, you don’t have to play detective or conduct aerial surveillance via google maps. All you need to do is download the Sportobuddy app and feed in the location you wish to check out. You’ll find a neat list of every tennis event in Mumbai. Filter through it to find places convenient for you. You can also check ratings and reviews about the venue. If you see something you like, you can check the available time slots and book one temporarily. In case you want to leave nothing to chance, you can confirm your booking by paying online. It’s that convenient. Luckily you don’t need too many people to play tennis. So finding someone interested shouldn’t be too hard. But there is another option. If you want to see what sort of players your neighbourhood has, you can create a local match and invite fellow players on the app to join you for a few games. Finding a good tennis partner is matter of good luck and may take one years to find a player who’s game complements yours. Our online platform simplifies this process, leaving nothing to chance and ensures that your sporting experience is as unique and energetic as the sport itself.

It’s a great sport and a great form of exercise

If you have kids and are considering sending them to join a tennis academy in Mumbai, don’t hesitate. A sport always gives more to those who play it than it asks for. Tennis helps build vigour, optimism and self-esteem. It is a great way to not just get mentally fit but also physically fit. Stamina is a crucial factor of the game and tennis players build enormous reserves of it. It builds agility, strength, great co-ordination skills, cardiovascular strength, fine and gross motor control, dynamic balance and flexibility. Practice regularly for years and the rewards of winning tournaments are quite substantial too. You also learn how to win and lose gracefully and respect your opponents. It’s not for no reason that players are required to shake hands after every match concludes.

Grab a racket, serve and volley, and have a ball

If you’re worried about the right sort of equipment, don’t be. It’s not hard to find and something is available to meet most budgets then online sports booking. The basic equipment like balls and nets are provided by the facility itself. However, the players need to bring their own rackets and wear the appropriate clothing. However, all this information is readily available and you can even call up the clubs or academies and speak to them in case of any queries. Another thing that is readily available is coaching services. Sportobuddy connects you with professionally trained tennis coaches to up your serve and enhance your volley. It’s also a great way to get your kids to start acing at it. However, the most critical thing to do is to start. The joy a game like tennis provides is amazing. Take a look at its most successful players and you find that they are great examples to follow. Their singular dedication, their consistency and the passion is worthy of emulation. And in case you want to play the after-dinner version of the game, there are many options available for you to play table tennis in Mumbai. This in no way makes light of the rally-driven sport. It just mentions its origins. It also shows in the fact that it is quite easy to locate a table tennis academy. But back to lawn tennis; it’s a great game with a worldwide following now closer to you and your family than ever before. Just sign up and head to the court.