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Anchor Super Fast 2018 (Women)

Astro Park - St. Stanislaus Sports Complex, Saint Peters Road, Near Balaji, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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St. Stanislaus Sports Complex, St Peters Road, Near Balaji, Bandra West, Maharashtra, Mumbai - 400050

We believe that sport should be inclusive for all - men, children and especially women. That being said, we would like to commit to the empowerment of women through sport, and ensure that they have their share of fun on and off the pitch. Taking this thought ahead, we present to you Anchor Super Fast, a cricket tournament for women. Are you geared up?

All players and teams can follow a simple registration process to confirm their participation.

Tournament Duration
2nd September, 2018 - 3rd September, 2018
Facilities Available
  • Changing Room
  • Parking
  • Wash Room
  • First Aid
  • Food & Beverages

Fiery Falcons

  • Anuupama Mehta
    All Rounder
  • Deepa Ahuja
  • Mehak Jain
    All Rounder
  • Mona Kalsi
  • Mrunal Mistry
  • Parul Rana
  • Radhika Bachhawat
  • Rinkal Shah
  • Shailja Singh
    All Rounder
  • Shelley Daga
    All Rounder
  • Sveta Vora

Royal Penguins

  • Alpa Shah
    All Rounder
  • Dhani Savla
    All Rounder
  • Kajal Dedhia
    All Rounder
  • Kirti Haria
    All Rounder
  • Krina Chheda
    All Rounder
  • Mayuri Dedhia
    All Rounder
  • Pooja Shah
    All Rounder
  • Ruttu Shah
    All Rounder
  • Shilpa Dedhia
    All Rounder
  • Urmi Visarani
    All Rounder
  • Vrutika Gala
    All Rounder

Super Eagles

  • Bhasita Sanghavi
    All Rounder
  • Bhavini jhaveri
    All Rounder
  • Bijal Hariyani
    All Rounder
  • Bijal khatri
    All Rounder
  • Hansa Ashar
    All Rounder
  • Namrata Shah
    All Rounder
  • Neha Satam
    All Rounder
  • Pinky Mehta
    All Rounder
  • Prasiddhi Gaurav Deorukhakar
    All Rounder
  • Reshma Nandgiri
    All Rounder
Royal Penguins
Fiery Falcons
Super Eagles

Anchor Super Fast  - Women

Participating Teams : 3

Matches: 2 per team

Team Roster of: 11 Players

Batting: Best 8 to Bat

Bowling: Best 8 to Bowl and Field (Under Arm Bowling )

Time for Each Match: 45 Minutes

Break Between Match: 5 Minutes

Ball: Yellow Light Tennis  Balls

Running Runs Pitch: 16 yards (As Shown in the Diagram)

Batting: One Side

Umpire: One on the Pitch

Leg Umpire: On the Legside

Live Scoring: On the Sportobuddy App.


League Rounds >> Finals.

Total Number of Matches: 4.

Total Overs: 8 overs per innings.


Selection Criteria for Finals.

Top 2 teams after league rounds will play the Finals.

 League Match Points.

Win: 2 Points

Bonus Point: 1 Point

Bonus Point: Any team winning by the difference of 30 runs will get Bonus Point/Points

No Ball: 2 Runs + Free Hit

Dead Ball: A ball is allowed to bounce twice before it reaches the batting crease. Delivery shall be declared as a dead ball if the ball bounces for the third time before it reaches the batting crease.          Wide Ball: 2 Runs

Batting Pair Retires: Every Two Overs

Every Wicket: - 5 Runs to the Batting Team Score

Total Batsmen: Best 8 to Bat (In the Pair of 4)

Total Bowlers: Best 8 to Bowl & Field (All Fielders have to Bowl including the wicketkeeper) (Max 1 over/bowler)

Anchor Over: All the Runs will be Multiplied by 2

Anchor Over:  - 10 Runs to the Batting with every wicket lost

Anchor Over: 1st over of each innings (mandatory).

Declared Runs: There are declare runs (1,2,3,4,6) but to get the declare runs the player has to run a single compulsory that means you will get  (1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+1=4, 4+1=5, 6+1=7).

Anchor Super Fast:

Net Rules: When a batsman hits the ball and the ball touches the net directly and if the fielder catches the ball directly after the ball touches the net then it's NOT OUT. The first point of contact with the nets will be considered as your Bonus Runs plus the running runs. Any contact with the nets henceforth in that delivery will not be counted as Bonus Runs.

Eg.  If the ball touches the 3 run zone and then touches the 4 run zone then 3 runs plus the running runs will be considered as runs scored. Any Over Throw runs will have to be taken by running between the wickets only. No bonus runs will be added if the ball hits the net behind the wicketkeeper. (As shown in a diagram). However, batsmen can take runs by running between the wickets.

At a Wicket: Whenever there is a wicket the batsman has to change the ends.

Pitch Size: 16 yards

Other Rules

8 overs of each innings must be completed within 25 minutes, 5 minutes allocated for change over between each innings

One new ball shall be used at the start of each innings.

There is no LBW decision in this format of the game.

Sportobuddy will be continuously be in touch with the umpires to make sure the innings are completed within 25 minutes for each innings. The decision of whether the team has caused the delay or not will be decided solely by the umpires present on the field

In case of slow over rate the team will lose the equivalent number of overs during their batting. Umpires will take a final call on whether there was any interference by the batting team which caused the bowling team to delay their completion of 8 overs.

Batting innings will stop on the time allotted for that innings and accordingly penalty will be applied on the respective teams. Penalty for slow over rate will be average run scored in the inning + 10 runs for every over bowled short.

If the team bowling second similarly fails to bowl their overs in time and the allotted time of second inning has concluded, they will lose runs from their total in same fashion as mentioned above.

A team can only play if there are minimum 8 players available on the ground. If there are less than 8 players than the opposite team will win the match by walk over and will gain points with bonus and the other team will lose one point from their tally

For a Dead Ball / Wide / No Ball the bowler will have to bowl an extra delivery which is a valid delivery.

A Bowler can bowl a maximum of 1 over per match.

At the instant of a delivery, there may not be more than 3 fieldsmen on the legside.

At the time of a delivery, max 4 fielders including bowler and wicket keeper are permitted on either side of the centre.

In the event of an infringement of above mentioned field restriction rules, the umpire shall call and signal No Ball.

Byes & Leg Byes rules apply.

Any team not present on the match day and gives a walk over to the opposite team will lose 1 point from its winning points. Also, the opposite team will be awarded the winning points along with the bonus point.

A bowler can bowl a maximum of 1 over per match. Minimum 8 Bowlers are to be used in each Innings. Best 8 players picked by the captain can be on the field and substitutions can be done only after consulting with the umpire. A Substitute has to bowl one Over for the injured player if he hasn’t bowled in the match.

Note : In matter of doubts/issues/queries not covered by the tournament rules, the decision of the Organizing committee present on the ground will be final and binding upon all concerned as per the standard rule.
Sportobuddy reserves the rights to all decisions pertaining to any issues/concerns raised during and after the tournament. 

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3. Which was the Best Third Batting Pair?
4. Which was the Best Closing Batting Pair?
5. Which was the team which got maximum run-outs?
6. Which team gave maximum negative runs?
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