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Volleyball is a sport enjoyed by professionals and newbies alike. Like any other sport, it brings people together. There are many physical and mental benefits of playing volleyball. It is a fun way to burn calories. It exercises many parts of the body and it allows players to better their teamwork. It is the experience that matters and you probably will not get the same experience playing in your building compound. Well, not anymore. Now you can look through the entire list of Volleyball places around you and book a spot for yourself. Log on to Sportobuddy now.
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Rise to the occasion, book volleyball venues in your locality

A sport may demand your best but it also teaches invaluable life lessons; especially if it is a team sport. Right from learning the true essence of teamwork to sharing the spoils; team sport is a classic example of pooling in collective efforts and running the course till victory is achieved. One such sport where collaboration and competence is displayed on very high levels in volleyball. Did you know that originally, the game was designed to be a mix of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball? We must go back in time, 1895 to be precise, to a town named Holyoke Massachusetts, to understand the origins of this beloved sport. A game called basketball had just been created in the USA, about 4 years back and was a raging success among kids and young adults. The action-packed sport was climbing the popularity charts among everyone but the older people who found it too tough and heavy. At the same time, William G. Morgan, was the Physical Director of the YMCA at Holyoke and was keen on designing a sport that would be physically active but not too straining or overwhelming for the older audiences of the YMCA. In the words of the wise man himself, the sport had to be "with a strong athletic impulse, but no physical contact." Therefore, he took the best of some of the top sports in the country and created something of his own. The idea of the ball was borrowed from basketball. Tennis inspired him to use the net. From handball, he borrowed the idea of using hands and playing off the walls and over hangs. And finally, he implemented the concept of innings from baseball. Everything came together quite neatly and William G. Morgan called it “mintonette”; and the rest as we know is history.

A critical milestone for the sport came in 1916 when the skill to pass the ball in a greater trajectory for the opponent to strike back, called the set and strike was introduced. After several years of playing the game without any set governing rules, the United States Volleyball Association (USVBA, now USA Volleyball) was formed in 1928. For the first time, the field was open to non-YMCA teams. In 1930, the first beach volleyball game was played between 2 men. Slowly and steadily the humble indoor sport was becoming a mainstream high-intensity activity for fitness lovers and other sport-focused individuals. However, the true spotlight shone over Volleyball when it was officially inducted in the 1964 Summer Olympics program. Since it’s inception volleyball has undergone tremendous change but has never ceased to delight and thrill its loyal fans. Like all things popular, volleyball also saw a series of variations and adaptations and one such exciting version is the beach volleyball. What’s not to love about running around in the sand and throwing ball, right? Add some serious full body workout and a competitive edge to that and you have yourself an internationally practiced and officially recognised sport that also enjoys Olympic approval. In recent time, this sport is garnering admiration and support among young and sport-savvy Indians due to its versatility. Seen as the perfect vacation sport, the whole family can participate in this, regardless of age and gender.

Grab Your Gang And Head To The Nearest Court

The reason it sees the continued spike in popularity is the ease and convenience it brings with the simple joys of playing it. All one needs are an indoor gym or a club or a ground and their gang of friends or family. Regardless of age and ability, this team ball game is a fantastic way to sweat out stress and get fit in the process thanks to its adrenaline-pumping jumps and moves. At Sportobuddy, we are committed to bringing volleyball closer to you. By helping you identify the closest volleyball playground, court or club, we make this spirited sport more accessible for you, your friends and your children. Speaking of children, volleyball is a great way to get them interested in sport and other outdoor Sports. It allows for aggressive physical movements, team building and coordination and instils a sense of belonging to a certain community. Through our platform parents can easily spot volleyball playing facilities near their homes and even lookup for coaching and training options. This allows parents to give their children a complete and wholesome exposure to the sport. Sportobuddy also enables you to avail offers, discounts and promotions thus giving you every bang for the buck you invest. You can even get a free-trail session with our preferred partners. In the process, you meet more like-minded parents and professionals, thus expanding your core sporting network in Mumbai. If you want to watch interesting volleyball videos or even read about the game, you can find relevant information in our videos and blog section. Making a unique sporting experience more available to you, we aim to keep you as close as possible to the spirit of playing, achieving and winning.