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Yonex Arcsaber 100 THL Badminton Racquet - Black

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  • Arcsaber racquets are the ultimate in control and accuracy, backed by repulsion power for the high speed rallies, Arcsaber racquets generate high-quality, controlled power using a combination of technology and detailed craftsmanship to provide you with a very big advantage.
  • CS carbon nanotube neo technology uses cup stack (CS) construction, a multiple stacking design, which creates higher levels of durability and stability, it also increases repulsion power potential.
  • Isometric technology changes the round head shape of traditional racquets into a revolutionary square head shape, which creates more right angles at string intersections within the racquet head, the result is a larger sweet spot, improving your accuracy and control.
  • Solid feel core cuts out random vibrations that are created at impact, increasing the stability and solidity of all shots.
  • The built-in t-joint connects the frame and shaft and creates a one-piece frame that resists the effects of torque on impact. This results in an extremely durable, stable racquet and string bed.
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