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In today's fast-paced world, fitness plays a big part in encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Yet, we tend to procrastinate on our goals, with little or no motivation to achieve them. Sportobuddy is here to change all that. It's the best way to kick out the excuses and get active. Start by finding the best gyms, martial arts classes, Zumba classes, yoga centres located close to you. Get going on sportobuddy.com
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Find top fitness centres in Mumbai to keep you fit and healthy

Everything that challenges us, changes us. That goes for our body too. Every time we defy our limits with one more lap, or one extra push-up, we create new benchmarks of progress. But this progress doesn’t come easy. It comes with a serious commitment to a brutally honest ambition. And it all starts with a series of questions - “What does my body need?” “What end result am I aiming for?” These questions need to be answered and more often than not, we find ourselves clueless, fumbling for direction. It is at this point we realise the need for an expert by our side, someone to share our vision, to support our ambition and match up to our hustle. Information is key and in today’s world of mindless choices, it’s what makes the difference between great and mediocre. We believe you weren’t born to be mediocre and that’s why we bring to you all the health and fitness opportunities in your city, at the tap of a button. From a list of gyms close to your house to information on whether you need a year-long membership to even getting you the best personal trainer in town, our online platform is the solution to every big and small roadblock to your path to fitness. Finding the right help to keep your momentum going is a workload that you need to share. Once you do that you capitalise on the technology at your disposal and maximise on every little effort you take.

Make Goals, Not Excuses
Sportobuddy is a smart, simple and super-effective online platform dedicated to your fitness goals. We understand that behind your unstoppable capacity is an indomitable will and we wish to drive that each day so you can be proud of the person you see in the mirror every morning. Engineered with state-of-the-art location-based technology, we are here to give you every health and fitness solution. From finding a list of gyms near you to getting personal training assistance, to even updating you on latest weight-loss tips, we are your one-stop online shop for all fitness goals. Our trusted network of gyms in Mumbai will connect you to wide-ranging and flexible activity options in the city. You can avail discounts and promotional offers with the gyms in Mumbai which otherwise may not be accessible to others. Moreover, our team at Sportobuddy can coordinate and organise for demo-sessions with select gyms so that you are fully aware and satisfied with the infrastructure and staff of the facility before making an actual purchase. We will also assist you with choosing the right package in the gyms and booking slots that are most convenient; kick-starting a smooth, hassle-free and energizing experience. Our listing service will also enable you to compare gym rates in Mumbai. If all these benefits aren’t enough, we have more. You can connect with personal trainers who will help you reach your very own fitness milestones – small and big. Be it swimming, gym training or marathon running, our wide-network of trusted trainers are all you need to get that competitive edge.

Push Your Limits With Multiple Fitness Options In Your City
If you think a gym workout is too mainstream and want to try your hand at something more dynamic; then you’ve come to the right place. Our extensive listing service will give you access to various other training options like Zumba dance classes, Pilates, Kickboxing, Yoga classes, Martial Arts in Mumbai and Gymnastic Classes. Find Zumba classes in Mumbai within your neighbourhood, and join the dance fitness community with fun and effective regimes. It is not just a great way to tone up your body but also do result-oriented weight management and weight loss. Another great way to get fit and fabulous is through Pilates. Find effective Pilates classes in Mumbai, within your neighbourhood and also in the city to strength train and enhance stamina.

Want to take the energy a notch higher? Punch away those excuses with some high-octane kickboxing. Discover kickboxing classes in Mumbai and book online. Take your fitness to the next level with intense focus and greater results using personal training and customised regimes as well. If you want to explore your prowess in Martial Arts, we would be glad to assist you with some of top Martial Arts trainer and training classes in MumbaiIf you are a parent, planning to enrol your child into physical activity classes, look no further. Breaking patterns of mainstream fitness options, Sportobuddy gives you an opportunity to explore gymnastics. Having tied up with leading gymnastic classes in India, Sportobuddy is the perfect partner to your child’s overall physical fitness and development goals. You can also avail coaching options from professional trainers to give your child an edge over others.

Want to go for a total mind-body workout? Nothing does it better than mood-boosting yoga. Our team brings to you a list of Yoga classes in Mumbai, near your location. The Sportobuddy app allows to choose the classes that best suit you, book a slot that is most convenient for you and even pay online. This instant, on-the-go online booking feature enables you not only transact more easily but also commit to your ambition more seriously. A single fitness club can only have limited options which invariably limit your challenges and puts roadblocks on your targets. Having partnered with several fitness centres in India, we bring multiple options and possibilities right to your fingertips. Listing all possible options within your close proximity and then helping you find the right fit for your fitness needs is what we are best at. You also get the chance to meet and network with like-minded, health-oriented professionals. This is our first step in creating a fitness-focused community of healthy, happy people.

Behind A Healthy Lifestyle Are Healthy Habits
Each one of us who work out, do so for a reason – be it the feeling of a diminishing waistline or the relief of fading stress. Whatever your reason may be, it’s what keeps you going, it’s what makes you stronger, it’s what makes you, you. We believe that being fit or healthy isn’t a passing trend. It’s a permanent state of mind, an unshakeable attitude to excel. In today’s hectic world of mindless meetings & rigid traffic jams, our body is the first casualty in the struggle with unhealthy habits. Thanks to every burger we chomp down per week, we are now more immune to weaknesses both in the body and the mind. Nothing will help us until we help ourselves, to take one conscious decision to live right, to invest active time in our lifestyle and take one step towards building good habits every day. Be it something as small as drinking 1 glass of water each hour, it’s time to commit with an unwavering mind to hold nothing back and give our body the enhancement it deserves. You may have dreams of getting that Sports Illustrated beach body but nothing will work unless you do. So trash the talk and shut out the haters, because it’s your body and only you are the boss. Be it on the treadmill or the dance floor, infuse every second you spend with energy and positivity. We believe that positivity is contagious and the more fitness-minded you are, the more likely you are to inspire others around you. So be healthy, be happy and be inspiring.