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Since how long have you been planning to join a gym? Since how long have you been procrastinating it only because you can’t find the right gym around you? It is the dilemma faced by everyone who has never been to a gym before and is now trying to find the right one for themselves. But worry no more because now with Sportobuddy you can look for gyms around you online and get a membership too. You can pick a gym based on the description and pictures provided on Sportobuddy.com and can also read user reviews to know more about these gyms. So, what are you waiting for? Get fit, get started.
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From Ashes Of Battle To Art On Canvas, Physical Training Has Come A Long Way

“I’m going to the gym” is a fancy and frequent phrase that falls on our ears – usually from the urban youth on the hunt for that elusive “hot-bod”. Their incessant need to look good has made them charge towards one of the many chains of gym brands that have popped up across the length and breadth of metropolitan India. The focused lighting, the swanky open spaces, the eloquent personal trainers all make for a very enriching experience that results in a fitter, smarter, better you. However, this journey of physical enhancement started way back in time and was for a purpose entirely different. Civilizations like the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, the Greeks and Romans have all risen from the ashes of war. Between 4,000 BC and the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD, the world saw a succession of battles and conquests, with the weaker dynasties getting broken down and rebuilt by stronger ones. What did that mean? Stronger men survived over weaker ones. At that point in time, the emphasis on physical training was imposed on boys and younger men. They were trained to develop fundamental skills such as walking and running on uneven terrains, jumping, crawling, climbing, lifting heavy things, unarmed fighting, and weapons training.

Outside of the needs for combat training, physical wellness became a part of the culture of the time, especially among the Romans and Greeks. They celebrated the bodily beauty and strength and even incorporated it as a part of a complete education. The idea of having a sound body and sound mind inspired them as they developed special fitness techniques like callisthenics. The Renaissance era became an ideal platform for ideas surrounding the body and mind to thrive. In fact, the first school to put emphasis on physical education opened in 1420. The first book to exclusively address exercise and its benefits was written in 1553. From there the idea of looking better never looked back. Year on year, increasing number of people have espoused the mantra of looking fit by working out via professional means and have enrolled themselves into fitness classes near them. While previously, gym memberships were only reserved for the affluent, the Indian landscape is gradually changing. With a string of health clubs and gyms opening in metros and smaller cities, more and more health-conscious Indians are making a beeline for the dumbbell. As work pressure is growing, so is our propensity to grab a late-hour junk meal. Thanks to this fast lifestyle, cardio-vascular and obesity issues are on the rise. To beat these persistent problems, the panicked Indians are taking a mindful effort to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. Although most high-end housing complexes have their own indoor gyms in Mumbai, serious users are opting to take that extra effort and enrol into a professional gym equipped with the latest machinery and expert training.

Sportobuddy.Com Helps You Stack Up And Stay Fit

While sweating out, as an idea, has gripped the urban cosmopolitan Indian, finding the right fitness gym may still be a challenge. You may have all the gear you need and yet be full of uncertainties. How do I get a better deal? Will I get a personal trainer in that price? How will I get the slot I want? How will I find a fitness centre near me? Well, it’s time to give that muscle confusion some rest. Sportobuddy is an online platform designed to give you a unique and unmatched experience when it comes to your health and fitness. Supported by an expert location-based intelligence we can help you find the best gyms in your area. The app and website detects your location, or you could feed in your preferred location, and basis that, derive all the relevant data. One of the most common excuses to not work out is that “the gym is too far”. It’s time to find something near. This doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality of workout either. On the app, you can find every detail about the club or fitness center, right from the equipment & slots available to the charges to even if personal trainers for gym are available or not. You could also avail special offers and discounts from our preferred partners. We also have a rich collection of blogs and videos relevant to health and fitness which you can explore.

Gym Too Mainstream? We Have Other Options Too

For some, dumbbells and free weights aren’t as exciting as breathing in lungful of fresh air while stretching. For some a high-intensity iron-pumping workout doesn’t cut it. They need some variety, some fluidity, and some freshness. This brings us to the diverse range of exercise options available to you through Sportobuddy.com. From the exotic Zumba to the stamina-enhancing Pilates, you can take your pick and get in on the action. You can also choose from Yoga, Martial Arts, Aerobics and Athletics. The choices are plenty but the place to find them all is Sportobuddy.com. With easy and instant online ground booking options, you can block the slot of your choice and get started with your fitness classes in Mumbai. If you wish to find exercise options in a certain area like Bandra, just type that on the app and you will find all fitness centres, clubs, and other solutions in the area.

Stay Motivated To Stay In Shape

People workout for different reasons – for some it is a way to stay happy, for others it is to bust away the blues and channelize stress into some productive lifting. While for some others, it is the only way to eat everything you love and not see your waistline expanding. Whatever your reason may be, the one thing that connects all gym-buffs is the motivation to push on. As they pound away on the treadmills and cross-trainers, they are not just losing weight, but are with every small step, becoming a better version of themselves. Excuses are always there in our minds. The strength and determination comes from how well we keep them at bay and work on what make us fitter and better.