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We also have something for the adventurer in you. Pack your rucksack and get going because now you can easily discover all the adventure sports events happening around you, all at the tap of a button.

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With an assorted and vast collection of popular outdoor sports venues, Sportobuddy offers you a great playing experience with the ease of online ground bookings.

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Book your  best Ground, turf and court online - Sportobuddy

When was the last time you played your favourite sport and made new buddies at the same time? Or are you up to mark on your fitness goals? It's much easier than you think and it's all happening at the tap of a button. Welcome to the world of Sportobuddy where we are committed to bringing you one step closer to sport, health and fitness. Sports mean different to different people, for some it's a way to burn calories while for some it's a way of life, for some it's a way to bond with friends while for others it's a way to compete and reach to the top. For us, sport is the reason to be, the reason to wake up and make a promise to do our best, because our love for sport transcends all conditions and caveats. Our simple philosophy is to be here for the love of the game and that's what makes us different. This one-of-a-kind venue booking online platform and smartphone app delivers a wide-ranging sporting experience for athletes, amateurs and enthusiasts alike - with latest technology that integrates itself into the daily lives of its consumers by using location intelligence. We aim to create a community of sport lovers & players who strive to take their game to the next level.  From outdoor adventures to indoor activities, we are here to partner with you in your pursuit to excel. Search and discover local events, sporting activities, fitness centres, coaching facilities and get connected to them through instant and hassle-free online booking.  Additionally, you can also explore sport merchandise stores online through our large, varied and trusted network of affiliates. Be it to check out your beloved jersey or book a match with your colleagues or even try your hand at Pilates, count on us to deliver an experience like never before. It's time to ditch those excuses and give your daily routine a kick to chase the passion that excites and drives you.

Find & Book Sport Venues, Turfs Online
How perfect would it be if you could gather up all your friends and play football after office? But are you aware of all the football turfs near you? The answer is right here. Sportobuddy has a diverse selection of turfs, pitches, sporting grounds and academies in your locality to help you explore your ideal option. With easy and instant options to book grounds online, you can start chalking up your game-plan. Locate the turf and check for availability of your choicest slot. With multiple payment options, you can book your sport online and get in on the action right away.  From cricket to football, tennis, hockey, basketball, we take pride in serving fans and players with sport bookings online. And all of these exclusive benefits, without any extra membership charge or registration fee. So what's stopping you?

Check Out Adventure Sports & Event Bookings
They say money fills pockets but adventures fill souls and we couldn't agree more. Having partnered with leading adventure tour operators in India, we aim to bring you one step closer to the thrill of living on the edge. From book trekking online, to rafting, we have a diverse offering of adventure tours and packages online that will get your jaws dropping and hearts thumping. You can find, choose and book adventure sports online to eliminate any hassles or inconveniences. From one-day activities to weekend getaways, we have a selection of thrilling ventures that you can enjoy with friends and family. So bring out the backpack, gather your gang and take off to your next big adventure.

Network Online And Play 
Passion for sport is a terrible thing to waste. In today's hectic and hassled work life, it gets tough to keep your eyes on the ball. Finding time to play seems like an impossible and uphill task considering all the doubts and uncertainties that crop up in our minds. Where do I go to play? Whom do I play with? Well, you can relax now since we have a solution for you. Our Go-Play feature is engineered to bridge the gap between you and your game. Be it outdoor adventures or indoor thrills, be it your new interest or old habit, we will help you book a sporting venue online, create a match online and play your passion while eliminating all the unnecessary barriers. You can invite your friends on to the platform and create a team in simple steps. In case you don't have enough players or are willing to join another match, you can connect with those looking for extra players - all within your skill-level. With an easy 3-step online sport booking process, you are just clicks away from getting in the game. Our objective is increase your participation and engagement with your favourite sport and in the process get you more active within your daily life routine.

Get Health And Fitness Solutions Online
Making healthy choices isn't always possible but there are ways to make it easy. Each day we need to stay motivated and resolve to take simple small steps towards a healthy lifestyle. The two founding stones of this mission is exercise and diet. For you to get it right, it's critical to understand your body and craft your exercise and diet plans accordingly. This doesn't happen overnight and more often than not, you end up needing a friend who understands this commitment and is willing to stay with you till the end of the line.  Sportobuddy boasts of having partnered with some of the top gyms and fitness centres near you so when you are looking to have an effective workout without traveling across the city, we know exactly whom to recommend. You can choose from a large list of gyms, Zumba classes, martial arts, yoga and pilates trainers, personal trainers, fitness classes and other activities to stay on track. You can book gym packages online and also easily connect with fitness professionals and experts for the best health tips. To keep up the momentum, you can turn to us for online health and fitness information, diet tips and nutrition plans. When it comes to your health and workout, the mantra is to aim high, because only when you do that, are you willing to push your limits and attain what you once thought was unattainable.  They say you have to work to get the body of your dreams, and we are here to share the load.

Access Online Booking For Coaching & Training
You may be good at a sport, but may never know your true potential until you've trained with an expert. At Sportobuddy, we connect you with professionally trained coaches online who understand your unique requirements and support you in attaining astonishing results. You can avail online coaching services and book slots as per your requirement and convenience.  We also introduce you to the best and most affordable personal trainers online who will customise your training programs to pump up performance. You can book their training services online and crush those fitness goals.

Watch Sport Videos And Blogs
Want to watch the hardest punches in boxing history? Or maybe the latest Zumba dance moves? Or how about the funniest table tennis match ever? Turn to us. With careful creation and curation of exciting, explosive package of thrill and humour, our sport video collection will keep you coming back for more. From power-packed action to fully-loaded fun, we have it covered when it comes to showing the love for our favourite game. Tailored to match your taste for the finest, our sport videos are an absolute go-to for all our fans and patrons who are looking for some great entertainment and motivation. You can stay clued in on latest health and fitness trends with our blogs. From sport movies to diets, from kabaddi to cricket, we cover it all so that you never miss out on anything worth knowing.

Discover Sport Stores Online Near You
Want to buy the latest jersey of your favourite club but don't know where? Wondering where to buy good quality sport goods and finding yourself without an answer? There are more than enough sport stores near you and its time you know of them. With cutting-edge technology, Sportobuddy tracks sport merchandise stores within your locality and helps you connect with them with the click of a button. From premium to most affordable, our network of stores is the answer to your every sport goods buying needs.  Nothing should come between you and your game, and it's our mission to enable such ease and convenience in your daily life. So the next time when you have to buy your son's new basketball or wife's new yoga mat, you know exactly where to look. With new-age online features and benefits, we strive to get you at the top of your game. It's always easy to limit your challenges but it takes real courage and determination challenge your limits. So what will you choose today?