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Finding sporting venues around you can often be an arduous and confusing task, but all that is about to change with Sportobuddy. Now, you can find and book sports venues and turfs online - as you choose from an extensive selection of sporting venues, that have been carefully curated to help you enjoy your favourite sport.
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Enjoy A Unique Sporting Experience With Venue Bookings Online

Sport teaches us many things – to win heroically, to lose gracefully, to be humble in the face of victory, to be resilient in the face of failure, to play as a team– but most of all, it reveals our character. It tells us who we are and what we are capable of. That is why, for a true sportsman, playing isn’t just a hobby, it’s a part of his DNA and it’s what drives him to aspire for more. He trains to be the best and performs until failure is no longer acceptable. Until the day comes to hang his boots because long office hours overcomes the will to play. Sometimes we move cities and our old team becomes a story we tell our new colleagues at cocktail parties.  However, in the back of our mind our love for our favourite game keeps burning. After all, a player worth his salt is always looking for an opportunity to play. Sportobuddy brings you that opportunity. With the widest listing of sporting venues in your city, we aim to bridge the gap between you and your game. Be it cricket, or squash, be in with family, or solitary, we present ample possibilities for you to take to the field - again.

From Cricket To Football, From Adventure Sports To Indoor Activities – Get A Venue For All Thrills

At Sportobuddy, we are observers, enthusiasts and players ourselves and therefore, understand the sport landscape of India better than most others.  Market research reveals that most people have great ambiguities about the venue to play at as there are multiple questions popping up like - Where do I play? Whom to I play with? How much would it cost? How do I pay? All these doubts and questions do nothing but beat down the purpose and resolve of actually playing. At that moment, what if you knew that you had a friend who understood your passion and also had answers to all your questions and queries. We believe that nothing should come between you and your game and that is why we have eliminated every barrier to bring you one step closer to your ultimate passion. Keeping the love for the game at the center of it all, we have developed a tech model that has simplified the process of finding the right venues for you. We have partnered with some of the top facilities, be it a sport academy, or a cricket ground, or a football turf to ensure your experience is top-notch. If you want to find a good and renowned cricket academy or a football academy in Mumbai, you can turn to us and we will provide you with the best options available from our listing service. We also give you access to some of the top sport clubs which opens up new sporting possibilities which earlier were remote. You can now have access to a whole new world of outdoor sports as well. Using ground-breaking location based technology, our platform is designed to give you the best exposure an optimum price and with minimum hassles. From clubs to pitches, from academies to turfs, from tracks to dancing studios, from adventure sports to indoor thrills, we have a wide range of activities for you to explore. Looking at playing with a whole new light, we aim to replace fear and doubt, with dreams and ambitions. For the first time, we enable you to get full access and knowledge of the opportunities within your city. With a quick tap of the button, we transport you to a new world of adventure, action and incredible fun.

Easy Online Booking For Every Sporting Need

Once you know of all the sport venues and playing grounds around you, we further simplify the process of booking the same using instant online options. Fast-track your thrill with easy ground bookings, with minimum steps and no intermediary hassles. You can now book your place on the field on-the-go. It is also very safe, we might add. With 3 – simple steps, you can find the venue most suited, select the slot most convenient and pay instantly. You also have the option of paying at the venue. We have an opportunity to book a slot temporarily. However, if another individual pays online and selects the same slot, your booking will be deemed void. Therefore, we always suggest our fans to book their slots permanently, to enjoy uninterrupted action. Our trusted network of merchants and venue-owners makes our platform a credible place to meet and connect with other like-minded professionals with whom you can also exchange information and ideas. So get on our app and experience the hardcore thrill of playing your heart with dirt on your shoes and euphoria in your bones.

It so often happens that as parents, we want to inculcate the best sporting habits among our kids, experience the same excitement in playing a sport as we did when we were kids. But in today’s schedule of back to back tuitions and endless exams, playing naturally takes a back seat. At a time like this we wish that we could turn to someone who had all the information about sporting opportunities near school or home. With Sportobuddy, it’s now possible. Not only can you now explore and find venues nearby as per your interest, but also book online and get coaching assistance. You can view profiles of the best coaches in Mumbai and book their time on the platform as well.  Having partnered with some of the top football turfs in the city, you can now book it real-time and play a real sport with your son instead of playing video games. You can also bond with family and friends over a game of tennis or cricket in your local club or the best sport academy in the city. You can also avail easy outdoor sports booking. This way, playing opportunities come closer to you and playing becomes a part of your routine. Amidst the drudgeries of life, we aim to bring these simple pleasures back to you and your family.

Give Up On Excuses And Give In To Your Love For The Game

In today’s multi-screen world of instant gratifications, our aim is to make sport available to you each day, every day, on every level with maximum ease and convenience. Because we believe that sport is not just a way to stay fit or active but it’s a way of life that needs to pass down to the next generation. Although we have started in Mumbai, our goal is to reach every sport enthusiast in the country– be it an amateur or a professional and inspire him to touch the next level. In this endeavour, we also encourage facility providers like venue owners or clubs to reach out to a bigger audience and make their venues accessible to a larger population. This attempts to open up sport infrastructure to multitudes with dormant ambitions and even inspire them to take up sport as a career. This is the difference we wish to create, and finally impact India’s standing on the global stage. At Sportobuddy, we don’t underestimate the power of dreams because that is where it all begins – one small dream to achieve something out of the ordinary. We believe that each one of us should have the opportunity to pursue their passion. We urge you to play not just to stay fit, but to rise above yourself and challenge every muscle in your body; to acquire an ability to conquer every small and large milestone and keep moving forward towards new zeniths. You could be an athlete with Olympic ambitions or a newbie on the turf, our range of services and offerings is designed to take your target to the next level and make you believe that you can be truly great in the game you play.