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Football as a sport has the ability to bring the world together. It's a passion shared by many. Football is a sport that keeps you fit and keeps you going. We are here to serve that purpose for you. Sportobuddy provides you with a wide range of football venues and turfs to choose from. You can now book these venues and turfs online with the help of Sportobuddy and make this process completely hassle free. Finding the right place for your favourite sport was never this simple. Get your cleats on and book now on Sportobuddy.com.
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Score with some of the best football turfs near you

Did you know that football is the second most popular sport in India after cricket? Normally, one would assume that its popularity would be limited to certain regions like West Bengal and Goa, but you’d be wrong. There’s a strong interest in the sport that seems spread about uniformly across the country. When you take that interest to the global stage, you realise that this is the sport with the largest number of followers in the world. How many? Over 4 billion followers worldwide. Yes. Most of the human population alive likes watching or playing football. This total dominance should come as no surprise as it is one of the most accessible games in the world. All you need is a ball and some empty space. Maybe that is what contributes to making it beautiful. And that makes it rather special in most countries around the world. In some, especially countries in South America and Europe, it’s a way of life. The national fervour and passion it commands is legendary. And despite our fame for being obsessed with cricket, football is incredibly popular in India too. The recent launch of a professional sporting league has also helped spread its reach. There are even those who regularly head to a football ground in India to play and practice recreationally. Turf in Mumbai is not that hard to find despite this being a space-strapped city. But of course, it all starts in building compounds and in little lanes off the main streets with a bunch of kids and a ball.

Can’t wait to kick it?
So if you’re looking for football grounds in Mumbai and can’t wait to get kicking, look no further. Just search Sportobuddy.com or download the app and check it for football turfs in Mumbai. You’ll soon have a proper list of places that allow you to book a slot and play. You can even see ratings and reviews of each place and sort them out according to your location. You can see photos and the costs associated with booking the place. When you find something that works for you, you can even make a temporary reservation to tell them you’re interested. But others might be too, so you can confirm it by picking a time slot that works for you and paying online to block it. You can also avail special discounts at preferred partner locations. It’s that smart and simple now. No need for long winded ‘football academy India’ searches online that take you to random sites and convoluted registration processes. Then your next task shows up. Getting people to play. Now, because it’s popular, you’ll always have people who want to join you. The problem is availability. If you can scrape together five a side, you can get a game going, but what if you can’t? Easy. Just use the site or the app, to create a local match and invite others who may be interested to join you. On Sportobuddy, you will always end up bumping into those who share your sport passions so it’s highly likely that you would find those interested in your game and get them to join it. That way you can connect with more like-minded folks and expand your social and professional network. After all, what’s sport without community?

Start young, start now
Being part of a team is tough, but it is fun. Your squad becomes your support system. You have to perform and you can push each other to do better. And of course, kids are always able to take to things far more easily than adults. Maybe that’s why you don’t have to work too hard to find a football academy in India and book sports ground online. Now that sports other than cricket are growing professionally, the opportunities for talent to shine are also increasing. There’s no denying that it is extremely difficult, but it is now less improbable than before. And like you’ve read right here, it’s now easier than before to find a good football ground with coaching. Professionally trained coaches will now be accessible to you for your kid’s overall development in the game. Just check out the app or the site and get going. Who knows what’ll happen in a few years when your kid is getting good at the game? Letting your child pursue his passion without restriction would only lead to excellence in the field.

Lead your life with passion
If we continue to live our lives in front of pixels and screens, we will burn out before fading away. We live programmed lives where work and stress are said in the same sentence. Only a fortunate few still pursue their passion while the rest of us, just get caught up in a web of mundane chores and ordinary aspirations. Playing football, or any sport is a great way to break away from all that. You can run around channelling your angst and pain into your game and in the process, get better at scoring goals. You can jump, you can shout and at the end of the day, be a part of an endearing team that shares failures and celebrate successes with the same sense of belonging. So, step away from all the noise into a private little world where the rules are clear and talent combined with endurance triumphs. Style helps too. Now go find a good football academy and football event in Mumbai. You know where to look.