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Cricket is a religion in our country. It is one of the most played sports in India. Your passion for cricket is shared by us as well. Sportobuddy takes your favourite sport from gullies to authentic cricket grounds. You can now look for cricket venues around you and book online as well. Log on to Sportobuddy.com and reignite your passion for cricket.
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Drive into high-pitch action with cricket ground bookings near you

As a country breathing and living cricket, how well do we know of the origins of the sport? History suggests that sometime around 1300, there is a reference of a game, similar to cricket, being played in England. Originating in the countryside as an outdoor sport, it was popularized by the sheep-herding community. The gates of the sheep paddock were treated as wickets and the shepherd’s staff was used as the bat. Slowly it started gaining acceptance and the sport, as we know it, began getting played and documented by the 16th century. It is the aristocratic community that we have to thank for our love for cricket, for it was their involvement that resulted in such massive expansion of the sport. As it attracted large betting sums, it was appropriate to list down a set of ground-rules and formalise the activity. The oldest recorded set of rules were printed on a handkerchief and dates back to 1744. Needless to say that the same is now archived in the MCC Museum at Lord’s in London. The longest standing permanent fixture is the Eton v Harrow match, being played annually since 1805. From there on, cricket has seen phenomenal rise in the world of sports with millions of global viewers. For us, cricket is as Indian as it is English. From playing it with brothers after school to cheering for peers in corporate tournaments, this game is in our DNA. At Sportobuddy, we aim to take this love to the next level. Eliminating unnecessary hassles and barriers, we ease the process of accessing cricket academies and grounds in Mumbai. Be it during the week, or leisurely over the weekend, be it for fun or fitness, our superior technology and wide array of products and services are designed to give you a unique playing experience.

Behind great cricket lies great legends

From Gayle to Gilchrist, cricket has given the world many greats. Although there are diverse opinions and views, Don Bradman is widely regarded as the absolute supremo of cricket. His superlative accomplishments include the test batting average of 99.94, making him a global icon for the sport. Another name that we take in the same breath as Bradman is Sachin Tendulkar. Known as God to many, he is nothing short of a living legend. In an international career spanning 24 years, he has been worshipped and venerated by young and old alike. Being the proud owner of almost all batting records including - most ODI runs: 18,426; most ODI centuries: 49 and most number of Test runs - 15,921 ; Tendulkar is one of the most decorated sportsman of all time. Known for his lethal combination of classical technique and raw aggression, he is a shining beacon of inspiration for all young and aspiring cricketers like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and other. Another king of the game is Gary Sobers, who found fame early in his career. Regarded as one of the world’s greatest all-rounders, he broke the record for the highest test score – 365, at the age of 21. It takes a special kind of mental strength and training to reach such a superior level of competitive competence at a young age. At Sportobuddy, we believe that each one of us has the potential to achieve extraordinary goals. All we need is a partner who shares this vision and helps us access tools and infrastructure to hone our skills better. Having tied up with a large network of sports clubs, we bring you closer to the best cricket academy in India and near you. Having associated with top professionally certified trainers, we also provide you with the list of pitches and practicing facilities near you so that you can avail top-quality coaching and training.

Play your passion and find success with Sportobuddy

Cricket in India is nothing short of an overwhelming phenomenon. A country that is diverse and divided on every other issue, comes together unanimously during a tournament. Be it the blue-ribbon test or the high-adrenaline, crowd-pleasing Twenty-20, the gentleman’s game has always been a craze ever since our colonial rulers brought it to our shores. Over the years of obsession, fans and fanatics have chosen their sides. The younger generation has found their fondness with the hard-hitting T-20 where it’s not just cricket, but a whole new and outrageous level of entertainment. Some believe that this form has taken away the true spirit of the game and infused it with theatrical extravagance, but stats confirm its growing popularity. Boasting a coverage of 48 matches across 7 venues, the ICC World Cup Twenty20 was watched by 730 million, a spike of 114% over the previous edition. The longest playing type, test cricket, is still watched by many, mostly the ones who consider it to be cricket’s truest form and highest standard. Whatever your preferred choice may be, we have the perfect playing facility for you. Additionally, we offer easy online ground booking to eliminate any hassles in the process. It’s time to make time for the passions that energize and inspire you – be it practicing your cover drive or improving your fast-bowling, or just rediscovering the joy of playing with a bunch of old friends in a good sport venue. So what are you waiting for? Take out your kit, put on your jersey and get that game face on.