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Be a hit among friends, find and play in the best squash courts in Mumbai

If you’ve ever walked past a squash court without looking in, you must have wondered what goes on in there. The sounds that emanate can cause quite a concern. Loud thwacks, the complaining high-pitch squeal of shoes as they struggle to maintain grip on the surface and the occasional exclamation of triumph or yell of despair from the players. Squash almost feels like a recreational, sporting form of close combat. It’s fast, intense and requires players to be fit, agile and to be able to get out of the other players way in a hurry. It is estimated that in intense games, squash players can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. These players probably need triathlete level diets. And if all of this interests you, you can start playing squash in Mumbai almost immediately. Just make sure that you have the right gear to play the game. The equipment used involves rackets, shoes with a non-marking sole, and the right sort of ball to match your level of expertise. There’s a double yellow which is an extra super slow tournament standard ball, a yellow super slow ball, a green or white slow ball, a red medium speed ball and a blue fast ball. Beginners start with blue and slowly make their way up to slower balls. The faster balls bounce more and make it easier to hit them while the slower balls only bounce when they’re up to temperature.

Find squash courts in Mumbai

There are plenty of them. And now with Sportobuddy there’s an easy way to find them all. You can check for a squash court that’s closest to you or one that you can conveniently visit. You can even check the condition of the court, what other people think about it, maybe even what facilities are available along with the court too. If you like what you see then you can even make a request for a temporary squash ground booking. If you’re eager to finalise, you could even pay online and confirm your booking. In case you want to learn the game or have someone who wants to learn it, you can even search for and find a squash training academy or a certified coach. You could also check for reviews of the academy and the coach and even check how the academy rates fare in comparison to other rates. In case you’re interested in neither of the two, you can set up a local playing match or event and interested players could come join you. Sportobuddy also allows you create a local match and invite others to join them. That way if you don’t know anyone who wants to play, you can find someone else and in the process, expand your social and professional network.

It’s great for people of all ages

As long as you’re reasonably fit, squash is an excellent way for everyone to burn a lot of calories in one go. During the game the players heart rate does rise significantly so it could present a problem for those suffering from heart disease or those who have not exercised in years. Of course, they can always play slowly just for the experience but everyone must check with a doctor before taking up any sort of regular physical activity. It’s a fun and highly competitive sport and hence one that kids enjoy as well. Children will also get enough opportunities to go professional if they’re really interested. There are tournaments organised at all levels of the sport and there are plenty of squash clubs in Mumbai and around the rest of the country. Sportobuddy helps you to connect with them all. This seems to be the perfect time to enter sports professionally as finally there seems to be a real interest and development in something other than cricket.

Build mental fortitude and get that winning edge

All sports contribute to physical and mental development. You learn to never give up, to look for patterns, to exploit advantages and more. Studies have shown that kids who participate in sports regularly also develop well mentally. It’s also a helps build social skills. The other advantage squash has is that it is a non-contact sport. This means that you only need one other person to play a match. Some would argue that since you’re bouncing a ball off the wall, you could also play alone. Sure, if you’re practicing. But to find someone to play squash, Mumbai is one of the best places. Equipment is easy to pick up and people are always on the lookout for an intense workout after a tiring office day. And now, thanks to Sportobuddy.com, finding the place, booking it and getting the people is easier than ever. Once, access to sports facilities was one of the biggest hurdles people would face. It would require a great deal of motivation to just gain that. Not so anymore. You don’t have to deplete your reservoir of willpower just to get in. Use it all in the game.