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Swimming is a fun activity which keeps you fit and happy. Let that little splash turn into a breaststroke. For all of you who love water and want to swim your way to fitness, you're at the right place. Because now Sportobuddy brings you your favourite sport and gets all the hassle in the way away. Find good swimming pools around you, register with us, book your slot and dive in. Log on to Sportobuddy.com now and get swimming'.
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Dive into a pool near you and feel alive

A sport, a form of exercise, a way to lose weight and even a way to relax; swimming is many things rolled into one. But no matter why you want to swim, what it always has been and always will be, is fun. In fact, it is such a sought after activity, people are constantly in search of a swimming pool in Mumbai or someone with a club membership who will permit them access to one. It is actually considered a luxury to be able to swim regularly. Of course, that is exactly what happens when the demand is perceived to be more than the supply. But, it may not necessarily be the case here. If you want to go swimming in Mumbai, you don’t need to hope you’ll figure out access to a pool anymore. Find out everything you need easily on Sportobuddy.com. You can even check reviews, figure out sports venue booking charges, and even book your time at the pool. Just remember that some pools require people to pass a simple physical test before allowing regular access to it. If the lifeguards are satisfied that you’re not a danger to yourself and to anyone else, i.e. you’re able to swim and breathe comfortably, they’ll clear you immediately for a swimming membership.

Head to toe, it’s the best form of exercise

That’s this extremely versatile activity is widely considered to be. It’s supposed to be a great way to lose weight, strengthen and tone muscles all over your body, strengthen your core, improve heart and lung health and build endurance. Studies have even shown that when you swim regularly, your body learns how to use the oxygen you breathe more effectively and which results in lowering your resting heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps improve flexibility, coordination, balance and posture. As it uses nearly all muscles through the body, and also provides a very good full-body workout. It also manages all of this while being a low-impact activity. In addition to physical benefits, swimming also provides mental health benefits. It reduces stress and aids relaxation. It leaves you feeling great and refreshed even after a long tiring day. It is an activity that’s great for people of all ages. After an hour in the pool, it also works as a great appetite booster. If you go to a gym, you may have to alternate between strength days and cardio days, but there’s no need for any of that when you are freestyling in water. So don’t wait any longer. Begin your search for your closest swimming clubs in Mumbai with Sportobuddy.com today.

Make each lapse count, in a clean, safe pool

If you know how to swim, you can and should swim. Since it is a low impact activity, swimming can be done even when you’re recovering from an injury or during pregnancy. Of course, this is not a medical journal and you simply must check with your doctor before participating in any physical activity no matter what condition you’re in. But no matter how young or old, fit or unfit, a few laps of the pool are always beneficial. It also helps when you just want to do nothing. With a little practice you can learn how to float on a pool with minimal effort. Or when you learn to equalise pressure, you can swim down to the bottom of the pool and remain submerged in its cool, calm depths. All this can be achieved if you have access to a safe and clean facility with modern infrastructure. Finding a good trainer is also an uphill task these days especially when it comes to teaching the sport to kids. With so many worrisome pieces of news, like accidents in pools floating around, parents are on the lookout for the best trainers in town but often settle for a mediocre option. Sportobuddy has a solution. On the app, you will find the best swimming coaches and trainers in the city, certified and experienced, these professionals are safe hands to entrust the learning and development of your children. Another great benefit of swimming is that it helps you remain young for a long time. Unlike most exercises, swimming is claimed to make you look and feel even younger than any other form of exercise. And here’s what’ll make a real splash on swimmers, current and future. Swimming is supposed to make you smarter as well. Why do you need any more convincing? Fire up the Sportobuddy website/ app and find the best swimming pools in your neighbourhood.

Take your mark and jump right in

Those who regularly swim, regard it as the ultimate stress buster, for them water is life and chlorine is oxygen. If you feel that kind of passion for the sport as well and are yet to figure the logistics of it, don’t’ delay any further. It doesn’t matter where you live. You could be looking for a swimming pool in south Mumbai, or maybe even north or central Mumbai and figuring out all the details related to it would be quite easy.  In just a matter of weeks you’ll be doing lapses without any assistance. And like we said before, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, swimming will come to you easily. Just keep showing up, practicing all the strokes and most importantly, just keep kicking.