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Indoor sports are relatively less active but are equally important when it comes to fitness. It keeps you both mentally and physically fit. Keeps your brain sharp and quickens your reflexes. With Sportobuddy you can book indoor sporting venues with an ease never experienced before. You can everything around you at one place and selection can be made depending on the description and images of the place availed to you by us. Log on to Sportobuddy.com now and start booking.
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Sure, being outside is nice. Especially if the weather is good and the air is fresh. Or sometimes, even when it’s raining. A great time to play football, you’d say. But for some, the idea of falling down and getting kicked in the head while chasing a ball on a muck-filled field isn’t fun. For some, the idea of staying inside is always more appealing. For some, it’s indoor sports that appeal more. And why not? Indoor sports are just as demanding as those played outside. Fast-paced, intense and skilled; this would be an appropriate description of a lot of games that can be played indoors. Of course, they can be played just for fun. But admit it; everyone gets at least a little competitive. All you have to do is find the right place. Now, that’s simpler than ever. Say you’re looking for badminton courts in Mumbai, all you have to do, is visit Sportobuddy.com and search. Once you’ve found the right place, you can also check all details related to it and even book it at a time convenient for you. It is that easy. You can kiss those long winded ‘badminton court booking’ searches goodbye. If you’re thinking that this only works when you want to play ground in Mumbai, you’re wrong. Pick any sport and you’ll soon find that figuring out where to play, when to play and who to play with is way easier than you’d ever imagined.

Weather-proof gaming with added advantages;

Too dark, too bright, too hot, too wet and too whatnot; outdoor games are subject to a lot of variables. But indoor games aren’t subject to the whims of weather. They can be played around the year. Be it rain, snow or blistering heat, you can always go and play. There are other benefits to this type of game too. This is not to take away from outdoor activities like cricket and football; both are great games. They inculcate values like working in a team and help make a lot of friends. But therein lays the catch. Most games that require teams need a group of people. Most indoor games tend to be non-contact sports. It’s extremely essential for everyone to be able to play at least one non-contact sport. These can easily be played with just one or two other players. There are times when this comes in handy. Sometimes your friends aren’t free. As you grow older, they may be occupied with work, or even move away. At such times, getting your team together may become a bit challenging. With non-contact sports like badminton, squash, table tennis, swimming or even chess (Yes, it is a real sport) it’s relatively easy to find one or two others. You can even find a swimming pool in Mumbai and go alone. We’ve already told you where to look. It doesn’t only have to be swimming; you could also find places to play squash. There are more squash clubs in Mumbai than you’d reckon and some could be surprisingly close to you. There are a lot of mixed feelings involved when you find out that you’ve been living or working about 15 minutes from something you’d love to do.

Find an arena near you

There’s no need to guess. With Sportobuddy you can browse through lists instead of hoping that your search for ‘ping pong table academy’ or ‘table tennis in India’ or ‘badminton academy’ will yield usable results. If you’re from Mumbai then you may know some of the places available. But even then, the actual number of places to play may just surprise you. Even if you’re into something that’s not very popular, like boxing, you could explore and find multiple opportunities within your city. There are rings available, gyms where training is provided, personal coaches who can guide you through different levels, and even possibly, competitions where you can test your mettle against several other similarly inclined enthusiasts. Sportobuddy will even help you find people with the same interests as you. It’ll help you train, set up events and overall have a great time. If you’re more interested in using your brain rather than brawn, there’s another game. It requires combat skills of a rather strategic nature. Despite not requiring any traditional physical sports related exertions, chess is an extremely intense and demanding sport. If you want to play or learn chess in Mumbai, there are a few associations, clubs and academies that can offer you the right support.

Play for a better tomorrow

There’s plenty of scientific evidence to show that exercise and sport helps improve your quality of life. It not only contributes to overall well-being but also plays a therapeutic role. All sport has a proven positive influence on physiological, mental, social and interpersonal factors. Regular participation in sport also has a positive effect on education. It enhances self-esteem and reduces risk of wrongful behaviour. It’s no wonder that a lot of parents try and inculcate sports into the daily routine of their children. Right from a young age, children get exposed to various kinds of organised physical activity – be it indoor or outside. Like we’ve said before, indoor sports can be played all through the year. So, visit Sportobuddy.com and make your nearest table tennis academy or chess club more accessible. If you are a water baby and are on the lookout for the perfect pool for your swimming lessons, look no further than this online platform. Our platform is the ideal destination for all your indoor sport needs. For fun games that allow you to quickly scale up your skill level and those that can be played through the year without getting together many people, indoor games are hard to beat. And when it comes to children, they make for a great investment in their future. It’s said that your body achieves what your mind perceives and with sport, we get an opportunity to bend our minds beyond ordinary limits. It’s never too late to begin so take your first steps towards a happy, healthy and active life.